Kershaw Shuffle Multi-Tool Knife (New Colors)search

Kershaw Shuffle Multi-Tool Knife (New Colors)

Kershaw Shuffle Multi-Tool Knife (New Colors)

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This wasn't worth the 10 bucks + shipping and tax I paid. The color looks different in person, but more importantly the blade wasn't sharp when it showed up!
Straight up garbage... I bought it for when I go to parties. The blade doesn't hold an edge and somehow even the bottle open sucks to use.
check your local walmart this knife is on clearance for $7 in black
Bought this at Walmart for $9.99 a couple weeks ago.
I have the Shuffle 1 &2..... the 2 is superior. kershaw seems to have listened to the key complaint about the 1, the shitty bottle opener. The 2s opener is far superior. The rest of the form and function is unchanged. Perfect for edc...3 inch blade, no assisted open, lightweight, clip left or right hand or off. I have much fancier and more expensive knives, but I go with the shuffle at the office and traveling for business (short blade and no assisted open makes it legal in all states and many countries...check before travel ;) )
Where’s the deal???

$9.99 @ BladeHQ

$12.99(Black) @ Amazon w/Prime Shipping
Thanks for the link to Blade HQ They are still on sale for $9.99 with no sales tax outside of Utah. I paid $2.99 shipping (1st class USPS) for two knives.
any update on shipping yet? it was estimated to be shipped on the 2nd of July and I havent seen anything.
Just bought one off of Amazon for $12. It's a great little knife to add to my keyring. Use it almost every day.
anyone know the cost of shipping to australia?
$13.25. Buy from Ebay its cheaper when you factor it all in and you will have within a few days
I'd love to own a kershaw shuffle, if only the shipping costs were below the actual price.
I bought from Ebay, the price was cheaper than the conversion rate plus shipping and i got it faster
I also got one from eBay. $12.50 and free shipping. Transit time was about 3 days.
Just to give my experience - I love the Shuffle with uncoated steel, but the blackwash finish blades have always been stiff for me - I have tried them in the red, blue and black scales and they were terrible. All the non-blackwash Shuffles have been brilliant.
Is this the Shuffle 1 or 2?
Bought from Ebay - the price of shipping is a real turn off, i fail to see why its $13.25 when other knives ship for $4.50 (admittedly they seem to be the more expensive knives. I cant justify paying more for shipping than the knife.
I bought this from Massdrop a while back, and have been happy with the purchase. It's an inexpensive but useful blade with the one other tool I actually want around most often: a bottle opener. Nice to take camping, or have on hand during a BBQ. Feel comfortable passing along to others without worrying they'll mess up my nice blade.

I can't speak to the price here vs. elsewhere.
Cheaper on BladesHQ