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It has become my everyday carry. I love this knife. Durable, comfortable and stays sharp. One of the best all-around knives in my collection. Great price too !!!!
Awesome knife. Sturdy and sharp.
I had to add that I only use my knife to cut tape and cardboard boxes. Nothing really crazy.
So... free spinning pivot + permanent thread locker. If I could open it up and tweak the pivot tension, I could probably make the action suck less. Otherwise it's alright. I keep it as my party knife. Short enough to not be threatening, has a bottle opener, made of steel that will dull if looked at the wrong way.
A week after I bought mine the thumb stud came out, so it is back to a two-hand open...Sadly, it lives in my sock drawer now.
I own the shuffle DIY, after a day at work (storeman) i threw it and bought a cheap box cutter. I cut MAYBE 4 boxes down and through about 6 pieces of strapping and the shuffle blade looks like i spent a minute banging it on a steel railing.

Great design, horribly shitty materials.
I’m a chef and always have a knife for breaking down boxes. Screws on the clip fell out in the first week. wish I had just skipped it.
this is a trash knife, terrible steel, fails to hold its edge with even a bit of use
I’d be concerned about the bottle opener snagging stuff in my pockets. Anyone have any trouble?
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It will snag the flesh of the ball of your palm quite effectively. I liked the idea of the Shuffle and snagged one up quickly a few years ago when it debuted, but it’s painful to carry. I’ve consigned mine to a glove compartmen. It’s a lot safer there.
My first thought when I saw the pic. Strong pass.
Is great knife but the only problem I have the 2 screw holding the clip they get loose an ready lost one an now I remove the clip
BladeHQ was just giving these away for free so I'm not about to drop money here.
Kershaw made 2 versions of the original Shuffle, models 8700 and 3800. This is the 3800 which uses 3Cr13 steel. Very soft, poor at holding an edge. The 8700 uses 8Cr13MoV, a much higher quality steel. Personally, I wouldn't waste money on the 3800. 8700's with colors scales can be found on eBay for $15 shipped. That's what I'd recommend.
I bought this knife just for grins. Ergonomics aren't bad, but that the end of the positive review. The blade is crap. I tried for a month to keep it sort of kinda more or less sharp. Gave up.
It's really bad form to throw a knife away so it's sitting in my work room in a drawer I put stuff that I use every decade or so.
Ah, the venerable "stainless steel." All knife enthusiasts lust after that particular steel.
Amazon has for cheaper and version two is better from what I hear
Amazon is cheaper and these don't hold an edge worth a damn.
13 dollar for Shipping & Handling ............................................................................................................
This is available on amazon for $12 or $14 depending on the color.