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Kershaw 1760 Skyline Folding Pocket Knife

Kershaw 1760 Skyline Folding Pocket Knife

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What can be said about the Kershaw Skyline that has not been said before, nothing really besides I seem to be addicted to them, considering I currently own 4 versions of it, and maybe 15 have passed through my hands. The Skyline was the first quality modern (one hand opening, locking, single blade) I bought, and that was maybe 8 or 10 years ago.

It may just be the best light duty, American made, EDC for under $50. The key word being light EDC, it is not a heavy duty folder, I've seen many people complain about breaking the tip off while using it as a pry bar, which some knives maybe able to do, but the Skyline is not meant for. The benefit being, it is a very thin edge, it cuts very well, and has a good sharp tip. It's light, slim, and a good size that is people friendly.

And, being such a popular knife, many after market handles and parts can be found for it. Such as the Ti scales in the 3rd pic.

$39.17 with Prime
IMHO, this is a fair price for this knife. Is it S30V steel? No, but it is an excellent budget steel, that I have found to have better corrosion resistance than 8cr13mov and better edge retention than AUS 8 (though that could be based on companies heat treat). I have lots of folders across many price points and brands, but it's the only knife I own a second as a back up. It works very well for me as an edc. If you want cheaper and don't mind blems, has some atm for $32 plus free shipping.
blade hq is selling a fixed version of this in s30v.

albeit for $80. but if you love the skyline, the fixed version is WAY better. absolutely tops
That is a great little EDC fixed blade - got my son one for Christmas and he carries it most days for work. Really nice sheath too - just add a Spyderco clip (or Tek-Lok) and you're good-to-go.
I've had mine since 2012 and my biggest complaint is the edge. This knife will take a nice edge and sharpens easily, but in my experience that edge quickly fades under moderate work.

It's a shame because the ergonomics, weight, size, and handle material are all awesome, especially in this price range. Regarding price, $38 is pretty standard retail pricing, I might be inclined to order elsewhere.
You are 100% correct on this. I've had mine for about three years and I love it but it does lose it fine edge pretty quickly. The Sandvik 14C28N steel was designed to be able to take a very fine edge very similar to 1084 but it unfortunately cannot keep that edge for very long under heavy use. Which is probably why S35VN has taken the lead in popularity due to its ability to hold a decent edge for a long time even though the edge doesn't get as fine as with Sandvik 14C28N. I think I picked mine up for $30.
One of these days I'm going to try switching the angle of the edge to see if I can get it to hold a bit longer. Unfortunately that sounds like work and I get enough of that at work already.
Awesome starter knife if you're okay with crappy steel that dulls/chips extremely fast with minimal use. G10 handle has a nice grip. Fun to flip open. Nice click. Nice and slim/ergonomic.
Currently $40.27 on Amazon. So if you are impatient buy it there. If, like me, you have many knives and don't mind waiting a bit to get a new one then you can definitely save a few bucks with this drop.

The Skyline may not be for everyone. It definitely has its fan boys and its haters. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. For the price it is a fantastic little flipper with good ergonomics. It does not take up an excessive amount of pocket space and offers a good length for cutting. This knife is a great over all slicer. Good for camping, good for opening packages or cutting plastic at work. I can't think of a job that a folder is normally used for that the Skyline does not do.

That all said, there are two big negatives. The handle shape is definitely not for everyone. It is on the slender side, if you have large hands it may not fit nice. I can't say for sure because I have medium ish sized hands. The handle works great for me. The other negative is that it really doesn't have completely functional thumb studs. They are more stops than studs, you can use them, but man is it not good.

So if you aren't someone who is into flippers, or you have large hands, maybe pass on this knife. Or wait until you can hold one in person. All around this is a great blade, I have used the snot out of several and gifted several.

This is a good knife. Is it the knife to end all knives? No. Does it have amazing blade steel? No. It has a solid low end blade steel, it is USA made, and is a great flipper. If you are into those things buy one. You should have one. If not, don't. But don't bash this knife for being something it isn't. This is a great EDC knife.
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"Different strokes" and "hand size"? This discussion begs for some lewd jokes, but I'll refrain 😂😛
Great input! All I have to add is that I think I am beginning to prefer flippers, and have large hands. I returned an OKC Rat II, a Kershaw Oso Sweet, and a Kershaw AM-5 because while I liked them, the handles were too small for my hands. One of the things I like about the Skyline is the handle is long enough to fit all my fingers comfortably. I have Cold Steel, Spyderco, Boker Plus, Steel Will, and more, that I love, but this has been my EDC knife for probably close to a year.
I really don't understand Massdrop anymore, things used to be niche and/or at a good price.
While the current price is lower then what its currently going for on places like amazon, this was $30 at Walmart a few weeks ago and didn't include shipping.
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I said it was a few weeks ago, it is no longer that price.
You can see the deal here if you want to fact check me.
So you can't currently get it for $30?
JonasHeineman, people like Skylines, but an upgraded Skyline is even better.

Kershaw did the 1760S30VCF couple years ago. Now they are doing an M390 Dividend.

Maybe MassDrop could get an exclusive for a 1760M390CF????

I don't know how to get people's attention in here, so @JonasHeineman, Tyler, hopefully the request can get routed to the right person.

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Do not disagree at all. If I could find a ZT smooth Skyline, that would be awesome.

(If you are handing out 1760S30VCFs, I wouldn't say no!)
Hmmmmmm...poll been up for awhile, still no votes on it. Not sure how to bump it up and get more views so it can be made a thing. At this point I am ready to give up on the dream and just buy more ZT 0450s...
It's a good knife. I carry it when I want a less bulky knife in my pocket than my Blur, Knockout, Hype, or Launch 1.
It's got a good steel blade. It's nice and lightweight. I think of it as a better value, for what it is, than the Benchmade 530 or 531.
A good knife for backpacking.
What did it cost?