Kershaw Swerve Knife With SpeedSafesearch

Kershaw Swerve Knife With SpeedSafe

Kershaw Swerve Knife With SpeedSafe

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love the restriction on shipping due to international agreements - this is a $50 knife down under. nice one kershaw.
Is this a little bit too beefy for anyone?
I bought this knife off amazon after a different speedsafe knife drop was cancelled here on massdrop. I have been carrying it ever sense and really like it. I specifically like the beefiness of the lock bar, and the steel being just soft enough to sharpen easily while keeping a good edge. For the money I would recommend grabbing one as a general purpose toter.
Bought one of these on Amazon because it had both the thumb stud and the flipper opening options and I wasn't sure which I would like the best. (Turns out I like the flipper better.) It's also like the Shuffle's big brother, another Kershaw favorite of mine. Assisted open is great, decent steel, wide blade and textured grip makes it look like it means business. Good value for the money, buy two and give one away as a gift or in case you lose one.
If you guys like the look of the knife there is also the Schrade Scha5 which has Aus-8 steel, and a bead blasted aluminum handle. It’s also assisted too and I just think it’s a lot more interesting than this. It’s on Amazon right now for $22 and prime shipping. I personally find 8cr13mov steel a bit softer than Aus8 but that‘s just me.
TechScott - I agree with you... it's a great little knife. In my opinion, Kershaw is one of the best values out there.
This is an excellent knife for the money. I lost my Spyderco Sage on a job and decided the at $125 per knife I needed to find a less expensive knife to lose. While wandering around a sporting goods store I spied the Swerve and bought it on a whim. It's turned out to be an excellent knife. Beefy blade, decent steel and a downright tenacious clip. The Swerve opens with a smooth, positive action and stays that way confidently. Well worth 3x the price.
Ill tell you what a nice bargain is right now. At LAPG they have one style knife, flipper with s35v blade for about $40, G10 handle, Black or brushed blade. I got mine today, plain bushings but overall for the price it's fantastic. Search for this...

LAPG TBFK S35VN EDC Folding Knife

Tip down, so sad.
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