Kershaw 1730SS Zing Stainless Steel Folding Knifesearch

Kershaw 1730SS Zing Stainless Steel Folding Knife

Kershaw 1730SS Zing Stainless Steel Folding Knife

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How is this a deal when it sells for $23.17 with free 2 day shipping on Amazon?
Excited to get the knife. I recently received the wrong type of steel on my Higonakami blade that I purchased from massdrop, thus receiving $10 credit. Since I wasn't interested in buying any new audio or keyboard equipment, a more practical EDC knife was the next best thing to use that credit on.
This is one of the better prices that I have seen here. It is better (S&H notwithstandin), than anywhere I could find on line just now. It was over $30.00 in places. I have not had any trouble with Kershaws. I just got the Flourish, which is made in China. F&F are good. It doesn't feel slick despite the CF. I would not put a lot of stock in datilderek's opinion if you were thinking of getting this. (I have gotten a couple of "bad" knives thru mail order. It can happen. I am still struggling with a Steel Will flipper.) I would probably take the plunge on this if I didn't have about 18 Kershaws.
Buyer beware. Terrible lockup and centering of blade. When tightened, will not open. This is a steaming pile of Chinese made Kershaw. Get a Leek and you won't regret it.

Meh, available on amazon for 3 bucks more and u dont have to wait or pay for for shipping
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Two dollars more, zero shipping, and same day delivery! It’s like massdrop doesn‘t think it’s shoppers buy anywhere else.
PSA clicking on Zane's links anywhere gives him money because he is an Amazon Affiliate.
What I wouldn't give for a photo of this knife open from the side without the clip, being a lefty it's hard to tell if I'll be able to close it one handed as I have no idea how much clearance the blade release has.
I got this for my wife as a starter knife. fairly robust blade with a nice hand feel. she loves it, the spring opening is satisfying. $25 for a starter knife is perfect. Eventually i might get her something more light weight like my kershaw Leek but simple and thick is the way to go for a first!
I have this knife... Admittedly bought from Amazon months ago. But it is my favorite Kershaw by far. Fits nicely in the pocket without being obtrusive. Nice blade shape. Nice feel. Great EDC. I don't know how much shipping is here but there about $24 on Amazon.
Was excited until I saw where it was made. I will stay with my Benchmades and pay the extra.
🙄You were expecting......what, exactly, from a $20 Kershaw?
Not really.. Keyshaw has become like Gerber on other brands.. some are blister packed hanging on shelves. Fortunately Massdrop is offering higher end knive.
Damn, 13$ shipping to EU for a 25$ neat knife is too much, would have bought 3... ^^
Great knife, but I bought it for similar price on Amazon Prime in 2015
Not even free shipping on this drop
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I never said I don't shop around, we'd be stupid not to. If I see an item on here I'm interested in, I immediately shop the item to see if it's a good deal or not. If it is, I'm in, if not, I just wait for something else and I don't bash Massdrop.
I didn’t take Zane’s comment and link that way at all. Whether he’s an amazon affiliate or not, the point is this site is all about collective buying to get special deals on things the community loves. When massdrop continually creates drops for the same prices availabLe elsewhere, or worse yet with high shipping costs and lengthy waits, it should be considered a public service announcement when a community member points out the other option. If you want to blindly buy on massdrop, that’s fine. But point is massdrop will lose its community if it doesn’t significantly differentiate.
Kershaw makes good budget knives. The Zing is made from 8cr13mov stainless steel, a good budget steel for the money that sharpens fairly easy, gets razor sharp and hold an edge a reasonable amount of time for it's price. The handle obviously lacks any kind of texture so it might get a little slick. The blade shape and design of this knife make it more of a gentlemen's EDC rather than a substitute for a multitool. Any prying you attempt is likely to snap the narrow tip, as it's designed more for slicing or piercing. As with any knife this one will need maintaining: cleaning after use, periodically sharpening, lubrication, adjusting of the pivot screw when necessary, and keep an eye on screws backing out and maybe applying a bit of threadlock. Idiots who don't maintain their knives and then complain deserve what they get. There is no such thing as a maintenance free knife that stays sharp all by itself.

As for price, this is $1.89 less than Amazon right now, but you have to pay $2.75 shipping, so if you have free prime shipping or are ordering $25+ then the Amazon price is better. This knife was $12.99 about a year ago from one retailer, but they charge pretty high shipping and I don't think that price is coming back.

If you want this knife then this is a good price for it, but not so much that you can't pass it up if you aren't in love with this particular knife.
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This one has been working out great for me...
There is no such thing as a maintenance free knife that stays sharp all by itself. Actually, there is. I have a Steel Will Cutjack that I have not taken out of the box. I agree with the content of your post.