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Keycool 87-Key Keyboard

Keycool 87-Key Keyboard

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87 Clockers

You’re in the market for a new tenkeyless mechanical keyboard to complete your set-up, but instead of the standard Cherry MX models, you’re looking to switch up your approach. Assembled with Kailh mechanical switches that are based on the Cherry design, the Keycool 87-Key Keyboards give you a new typing platform that feels just like an old friend.

Keycool 87-Key Keyboard

Note: At check-out, you can select between the Hero 87 with White Laser Etched PBT Keycaps or the Hero Glow with Black Shine-through ABS Keycaps and Rainbow Backlighting. On both keyboards, you have your choice of Black, Brown, Red, or Blue Kailh mechanical switches.

Keycool 87-Key Keyboard

Cool Features

Both keyboards sport the same basic set-up and core features, beginning with a tenkeyless layout that gives you easy access to all of the keys that you need. Underneath, dual IC processing chips enable stabler function, including 21-key rollover over USB and N-key rollover with PS2. Fully compatible with Windows, built with dedicated multimedia controls, and including a GAME mode that disables the Windows key, both boards bring your typing experience to a whole new level.

Keycool 87-Key KeyboardKeycool 87-Key Keyboard

Feel the Rainbow

If you opt for the Hero 87, the keycaps are made from PBT, the legends are laser-etched, and backlighting can be added if you desire. As an extra bonus, both keyboards includes specialty keycaps for your favorite superheroes. If you select the Hero Glow, the keycaps are made from ABS, the legends are shine-through, and the keyboard is outfitted with rainbow LED backlighting, giving you a different color for every row.

Keycool 87-Key Keyboard
Keycool 87-Key Keyboard


  • Keycool
  • 87-key layout
  • Kailh mechanical switches
  • Dual IC processing chips
  • Multimedia controls
  • 21-key rollover with USB, n-key rollover with PS2
  • Windows key disabled in GAME mode
  • Fully compatible with Windows
  • Hero 87
  • PBT keycaps
  • Laser-engraved legends
  • Non-backlit (Backlighting available at checkout)
  • Hero Glow
  • ABS keycaps
  • Shine-through legends
  • Rainbow LED backlighting


  • USB cable


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Estimated ship date is Jan 20, 2015 PT.

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