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Killer Bunnies Mega Bundle

Killer Bunnies Mega Bundle

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The Quest for the Magic Carrot

In Killer Bunnies, carrots are at a premium. It’s your job to collect as many as you can while searching for the sacred Magic Carrot. Along the way you’ll need to defend your four-legged furballs and keep them alive for as long as possible. While you wouldn’t pull these rabbits out of a hat, they certainly have some tricks up their sleeves—like a vast arsenal of weaponry ranging from a level-one kitchen whisk to a level-12 nuclear warhead, not to mention countless powers and pop culture references in between. Mix and match each version to keep gameplay fresh.

Killer Bunnies Mega Bundle
Killer Bunnies Mega Bundle
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  • Designed by Jeffrey Neil Bellinger
  • Artwork by Jonathan Young
  • Players: 2 – 8
  • Playing time: 90 min
  • Recommended for ages 12 and up


  • Killer Bunnies Quest Blue Starter Deck
  • Killer Bunnies Quest Red Booster
  • Killer Bunnies Quest Violet Booster
  • Killer Bunnies Quest Orange Booster
  • Killer Bunnies Quest Green Booster
  • Killer Bunnies Quest White Booster
  • Killer Bunnies Quest Steel Booster
  • Killer Bunnies Quest Pink Booster
  • Killer Bunnies Quest Khaki Booster
  • Killer Bunnies Quest Onyx Booster
  • Killer Bunnies Quest Chocolate Booster


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