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- Good bass with shimmering highs
- Aesthetics and ergonomics
- Good value

- No nozzle lip (eartips slip off)
- Recessed mids

After 6 months of use I still really like them despite their shortcomings.

If you'd like to read my review:
Anyone know which size Comply tips fit these?
The 200's will fit. Same size as my zero audio iems.
If anyones interested, I’m selling my black kinera h3 for $60 shipped CONUS, original packaging. About 100hrs of use, great condition.
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is it already sold? i'm also interested on buying your kinera h3
It’s sold, thanks for asking
depending on preferences... if you're looking for a tuning that's high on clarity and want to pick up the subtle nuances of hi-res audio files, then at $74, this is a definite steal.

i have the Fiio F5, F9, F9 Pro, FH1, TFZ Series 5 and 5S, Nuforce EDC to name a few... run them either straight off an LG V20, or sometimes with an amp... but this beats them all in terms of clarity on the high end treble registers.

Bought my H3 (red) at Aliexpress for $ 99 but they are well worth it.

After 150 hrs of burn-in... the trebles tamed at bit, and the bass has its slam but controlled in a way that doesn't muddy the mids. But its characteristic is the clarity which cuts through the mix like butter.

Matter of preference at the end of the day but its well worth it being part of anybody's collection.

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I'm new to IEMs, and previously I've just used shitty headphones when listening to Spotify on my phone. But these look great, and my B&O ones just broke (I rolled over them with my computer chair ;_;). Would these be a good replacement for my old B&O H3s?
I honestly can't comment as I have not tried any of the B&O line. But for casual listening purposes, I don't think I would recommend these as the Kinera H3 is leaning towards a more treble forward presentation, which a casual listener might find fatuiging. But then again, it all boils down to personal preference.
Personally, If you are choosing between these and EDC's, get the EDCs.

I personally don't think these are bad earphones at all, it's just not the type of sound that everyone would particularly enjoy. They're very bright and have excellent treble, but it can sometimes be overwhelming, sometimes leaving you feeling that there isn't enough of anything else.

I really enjoy how they're easier to put on than something like the M9 Pro, but I haven't owned very many over-ear IEMs, so I'm not really the one to judge.

Just ask yourself. Do you enjoy good treble more than good bass? If yes, go for it.
Just got the delay email--hopefully it doesn't last too long. I'm really eager to try these, but i'm almost considering a refund (only possible due to the delay), so I can get the edc3's instead.
Unacceptable. Light tug is all that it took for this
that just killed it for me. I hope you contacted MS for a replacement or refund.
I did and the process was easy thankfully!
Can't wait to try these out!
So how does this work? I thought i would get iem soon since i need asap im on dialysis for kidney failure and cant wait that long.... sorry im new to this
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I see now yea thats why i wanted to buy here to save money on my first iem im excited but now i must wait for a new deal :(
If you want something now, checkout the massdrop x nuforce edc iem for $60. Not as nice as the kinera h3 but still a solid iem. Pkus these are in stock so they will get shipped out now (well free std shipping is 5-10 days). I actually just ordered it today so ill let you know what i think once it arrives!
I've never really had a good pair of in-ear headphones and looking at getting into the audiophile realm. I'm just looking for a good pair or IEMs to carry around with me and use with my phone. I was just wondering if a phone can power these well?
Anyone try the Ostry KC09's? Which would you purchase and why? I'm really leaning towards these although it sounds like the double armature make the highs a little too much sometimes.