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Pros: - Good bass with shimmering highs - Aesthetics and ergonomics - Good value
Cons: - No nozzle lip (eartips slip off) - Recessed mids
After 6 months of use I still really like them despite their shortcomings.
If you'd like to read my review:
Anyone know which size Comply tips fit these?
The 200's will fit. Same size as my zero audio iems.
If anyones interested, I’m selling my black kinera h3 for $60 shipped CONUS, original packaging. About 100hrs of use, great condition.
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is it already sold? i'm also interested on buying your kinera h3
It’s sold, thanks for asking
depending on preferences... if you're looking for a tuning that's high on clarity and want to pick up the subtle nuances of hi-res audio files, then at $74, this is a definite steal.
i have the Fiio F5, F9, F9 Pro, FH1, TFZ Series 5 and 5S, Nuforce EDC to name a few... run them either straight off an LG V20, or sometimes with an amp... but this beats them all in terms of clarity on the high end treble registers.
Bought my H3 (red) at Aliexpress for $ 99 but they are well worth it.
After 150 hrs of burn-in... the trebles tamed at bit, and the bass has its slam but controlled in a way that doesn't muddy the mids. But its characteristic is the clarity which cuts through the mix like butter.
Matter of preference at the end of the day but its well worth it being part of anybody's collection.
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I'm new to IEMs, and previously I've just used shitty headphones when listening to Spotify on my phone. But these look great, and my B&O ones just broke (I rolled over them with my computer chair ;_;). Would these be a good replacement for my old B&O H3s?
I honestly can't comment as I have not tried any of the B&O line. But for casual listening purposes, I don't think I would recommend these as the Kinera H3 is leaning towards a more treble forward presentation, which a casual listener might find fatuiging. But then again, it all boils down to personal preference.
Personally, If you are choosing between these and EDC's, get the EDCs.
I personally don't think these are bad earphones at all, it's just not the type of sound that everyone would particularly enjoy. They're very bright and have excellent treble, but it can sometimes be overwhelming, sometimes leaving you feeling that there isn't enough of anything else.
I really enjoy how they're easier to put on than something like the M9 Pro, but I haven't owned very many over-ear IEMs, so I'm not really the one to judge.
Just ask yourself. Do you enjoy good treble more than good bass? If yes, go for it.
Just got the delay email--hopefully it doesn't last too long. I'm really eager to try these, but i'm almost considering a refund (only possible due to the delay), so I can get the edc3's instead.
Unacceptable. Light tug is all that it took for this
that just killed it for me. I hope you contacted MS for a replacement or refund.
I did and the process was easy thankfully!
Can't wait to try these out!
So how does this work? I thought i would get iem soon since i need asap im on dialysis for kidney failure and cant wait that long.... sorry im new to this
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I see now yea thats why i wanted to buy here to save money on my first iem im excited but now i must wait for a new deal :(
If you want something now, checkout the massdrop x nuforce edc iem for $60. Not as nice as the kinera h3 but still a solid iem. Pkus these are in stock so they will get shipped out now (well free std shipping is 5-10 days). I actually just ordered it today so ill let you know what i think once it arrives!
I've never really had a good pair of in-ear headphones and looking at getting into the audiophile realm. I'm just looking for a good pair or IEMs to carry around with me and use with my phone. I was just wondering if a phone can power these well?
Anyone try the Ostry KC09's? Which would you purchase and why? I'm really leaning towards these although it sounds like the double armature make the highs a little too much sometimes.
not kidding even a little bit.


I'm interested in the Kinera H3 IEMs but have a few questions. I'll be looking to use these with an Oppo HA-2SE. Ultimately I've been saving for a pair of Cardas A8s, and wondering if I should jump on this for the value, or hold onto my money.
Currently I'm using a pair of Hifiman RE-400s. I intend to keep these for my office, and the second pair will be for home/travel use. I freakin' love the RE-400s. Very neutral and controlled. I'm not huge on bass. I prefer a sound signature that's laid back and has a nice balance of lows through to the highs. I don't mind bass presence, but it has to be controlled. If not, I prefer more revealing mids and highs.
Anyway, my questions are... Should I hold onto my money, and keep saving for the A8s (retail $299)?
Also, I have pretty small ears and ear canals. This isn't an issue with the RE-400s, and seems the A8s accommodate small ears nicely, but can anyone who owns a pair of H3s share how these fit?
Thanks everyone!!!
Cheers, MD
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These definitely wouldn't be in your wheelhouse. Not very laid back (vibrant treble), plenty of low end, recessed mids (lower mostly). They fall into that "fun" sounding v-shaped category. Here's a pic of how they fit as well.
Appreciate your reply. I’m gonna hold off and keep saving/searching for my ideal pair of IEMs.
Cheers, Matthew
Received my H3s from last months drop. Getting some listening time in. It's early yet but switching out from my Monster Turbine Pro coppers, these definitely have a diminished mid, but a bit more bass and far more high end treble.
Overall sound signature comes off an unbalanced "V" shape, leaning to the high end "bright".
Great volume and the isolation on these was surprisingly good for an IEM with a dynamic driver in the array.
They do get better after time. Initially I had to run EQ to "fix" the brightness, after about 2-3 weeks I didn't need it anymore.
As an owner of an H3, I enjoy it a lot and think 80$ is a fair even good price, as long as you know full well of the caveats of the H3. Also I have heard they will release 2 new models in 2018 that, if you have reservations about this one you all should look out for. They also have a Telegram group and a Facebook page to see when they will announce it. &
I hear a v2 with sound improvements & physical enhancements are in the works. Should probably wait for that. Some physical issues: driver flex (uncomfortable ear pressure- driver longevity in question)/no lip for eartips
Sound varies a LOT: Besides eartip choice, a lot of this is dependent on how far you slide your eartips up the nozzle. Have fun maintaining any consistency.
Feel: Honestly the universal plastic CIEM kinda hurts after a while. Has a lot to do with the pointier part of the shell driving into the folds of my ear. Feels great for like 30 minutes at least. Sound: Definitely on the bright side. Vocals are nice though. They have more of that sorta texture of someone doing VO work. Not sure how they're doing the driver placement but I hear some weird reflections - or something. Not as clean a presentation as I would have liked.
As a daily driver it's out due to comfort & consistency - mids are nice for the price but its low usability really kills it for me. Buyer's remorse when you want to use them but there's so much additional management needed. At least they have like the best included cable and eartips ever. Accessory game 10/10.
I got an H3 from the very first batch that they manufactured. I'm at odds with these reports of "hyper-brightness". Maybe the new batches are using different crossovers? I don't know, but if you want to see my initial impressions you can find them here:
I purchased these via AliExpress, using their Facebook coupon for $79, when Massdrop was selling them for $99. Nice to see Massdrop caught up. They very nice for the price.
Good build quality. Big sound from a small device. However... they are very bright. Many audiophile reviewers agree. I followed their advice and I now use the windows program Equalizer APO with the PEACE GUI to tweak windows sound so they are not so bright. There are a few EQ iPhone apps that I have tried that can access iTunes music on the phone (no cloud access), a pain to use, but needed. So, they are nice to listen to when using an EQ, but without an EQ, too bright. Great for the price, once you know you will have to put out effort to make them become something that won't sit on the shelf.
Great review at:
My EQ X iPhone app settings: 400HZ 1.0db Q=1.0 800Hz 3.0dB Q=1.5 1500Hz -2.0dB Q=0.5 3100Hz 3.0db Q=1.0 7000Hz -6.0dB Q=1.0 20000Hz 0.0dB Q=1.0
Has anyone used these long enough to know if burning in helps tame the treble?
yes. it does.
Just got these via AliExpress, here are some initial thoughts: I really wanted to like these, I really do. But they're just tooooo bright for me. Like, really BRIGHT. I have the volume turned to lower settings since the treble wants to murder me, then the rest of the frequency spectrum seems to suffer. Just my 2 cents.
Build: They look hella cool, all three colors. Sturdy shell, fairly light, 2 Pin .78 connector fits snug, and they're quite comfortable and fit well (I use always the smallest tips on my IEM's), I feel like they go quite deep in the ear though. Quite an ideal fit for on-the-go person, or gym activity use.
Gonna use it for a few more days, might update this later.
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Hey sorry for the late reply. I haven't really had that many IEM's, since I'm not the biggest fan of them, so I'll try to compare them to what headphones I have tried so far.
Here's a list of all the stuff I've tried thus far, if you're interested.
I would say the H3's brightness is comparable to 'Grado' sound (I've only tried the SR80) but are a lot more bearable. 'Grado's' highs are all up in your face and grasp your attention, but the H3's wanna pierce you through one ear and out the other.
did you give them a substantial run-in period?
makes a BUNCH of difference.
tossed a review of them here somewhere, might tell you what I found, if that can help you.
Hey guys! I've been using these for a couple of weeks now, and I must say they are impressive. I can't compare it to the -supposed to be similar- TFZ 5 and King, but I do have an AKG 7XX and to be honest, it is almost as good. I know it's hard to compare it to a headphone but I don't have anything else. The point is the overall audio quality is really good, and the bass is incredible for a 90$ iem. Listening to it from a phone is quite satisfactory and the noise isolation is better than I expected. I didn't notice any build quality issues, it fits my ear perfectly, and the cable really quality looking with a great stress relief. The 6 pair of ear tips got to be enough for anyone. So that's it, just wanted to add my two cents on this drop, I think Kinera more than proved they can not only make cheap, low quality earphones, but really good ones too. (Kudos to TheContraptionist, I'd say his review is spot on, I got exactly what I wanted\anticipated.) Cheers!
Thanks for the shout out!
I received mine today. My initial impressions is that there's a lot of noise when nothing it's being played so it's kind of annoying. Even at low volumes. It's definitely well built and very comfortable. Sound isolation is also really good.
On the sound side it's definitely too bright for my taste. I'll need to do some testing w EQ to see if it becomes usable. Besides that it has a lot of clarity on bass/mid/ which is desirable for in ear monitors.
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@iatsbohdan I tried both my focusrite interface output and iphone output. Both has a lot of noise in medium/mid gain levels.
This is not a fault with the headphones, the noise and hiss is a source fault. No hiss when used with a good DAP.
Anyone have any opinions on these versus other IEMs at this price point and below? A comparison I'd really like to see is this against the KZ ZS6. Please elaborate, if you feel
I received mind yesterday. I'll just get to the point. Worst sounding iem I've owned or ever owned. What disappointment.....
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Well I guess it's subjective or the one I have is bad. However insides the looks and comfort, nothing eyes I like about these headphones. I have $25 earphones that sound better. All of my recordings are high quality. And trust me I burn these in for hundreds of hours. I was so disappointed in these, I ended up purchasing a pair of sennhieser IE800. No complaints there.
Extremely harsh and brickle. Lousy staging and imaging.
Anyone know of some 2pin cables with a mic? I'm tempted on the Kineras but I would like to still have a mic if I switch.
Got mine directly from Kinera last Friday. FYI, they are BRIGHT and I mean it. On top of that they are too sensitive for my phone, which leads to excessive floor noise (which is weird because I have no such problems with Fidelio X2 plugged in). With Clip+ situation improves but you still need to run custom EQ to fix their brightness a little. Make sure that you have proper DAP to drive them.
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Yeah, I've also swapped tips from grey ones to regular silicone ones. It helped improve the seal, since with grey ones on I couldn't get a good seal on my right ear. I'll probably consider getting comply T/TX-200 tips to further improve isolation.
For those wondering about grey tips, most of the reviews mention only regular silicon tips in 3 different sizes. Mines ordered in last week of October came with those regular tips and a set of grey/semi transparent ones which matched the color of the housing (red in my case). They are stiffer than the regular ones and as I mentioned earlier, they don't seem to provide a good seal upon insertion (YMMV).
Gonna try this as well, hope it tones down a little bit.
This is very vague, but how do these compare to the TFZ Exclusive 5's?
Kinera2017 Store on aliexpress is selling these for 70USD right now shipping included.
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$100 last I checked. Maybe you could get them to lower the price if you let them sit in your cart for a while, but that's not quite the same thing as being $70. I doubt they'd lower the price by 30% anyway.
It was during the time of the 11 11 sale. It wasn't listed under that sale though. I already bought a pair for 79 during their shop promotion and I think they were just getting rid of stock this time.
Shipped today. November 10th. Posting for documentation purposes to track shipping time.
How do they compare with KZ ZS5? Thanks.
There's no competition. The ZS5 sound like absolute garbage in comparison.