King of New York: Base Game & Power Upsearch

King of New York: Base Game & Power Up

King of New York: Base Game & Power Up

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Big Monsters in The Big Apple

Channel your inner monster and wreak havoc upon New York City in this popular expansion to the original King of Tokyo. In this standalone version, each player controls a mutant monster, gigantic robot, or strange alien in a quest to destroy the others and stake their claim in Manhattan. Players roll six dice on three successive throws to rack up victory points, heal, attack, destroy buildings, send the military on other players, and gain energy. Through your monstrous exploits you can now gain fame and move around to different locations, too. The first to reach 20 victory points or the last one standing is crowned winner.

Note: This drop includes King of New York and King of New York: Power Up! Expansion. Drop is limited to 45 bundles.

King of New York: Base Game & Power Up
King of New York: Base Game & Power Up
King of New York: Base Game & Power Up

Power Up! Expansion

Now Captain Fish, Sheriff, and the other monsters have even more competition with the introduction of Mega Shark. This expansion also changes up the rules with two new sets of evolution cards (112 cards total). When a player rolls three hearts, they can elect to choose a violent power card to take out their aggression on opponents. Plus, you can now mix in monsters from King of Tokyo: Power Up! to keep things fresh.

King of New York: Base Game & Power Up


  • Designed by Richard Garfield
  • Artwork by Régis Torres
  • Players: 2 – 6
  • Playing time: 40 min
  • Recommended for ages 10 and up


  • King of New York
  • King of New York: Power Up! Expansion


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