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ir1337: It's true that the character doesn't matter in vanilla, but in Power Up there are specific cards for the characters, so you can pick your character based on your play style. It's all pretty balanced (well - balanced for a game where the point is to become overpowered).
Agree with darren, the game is really fun, and despite being random dice and random draw driven, there is a strong measure of strategy involved. It's a great family game with a lot of replayability. The individual characters have no bearing on the game, so the King Kong-like and Godzilla-like characters are the same until you start upgrading them with cards available to all players in game. It's essentially very light area control and press your luck.

For the deal discussion, Target has the base game on their site for 21.19 today (you can get them to match it in store at the counter, but the posted price on the shelf is closer to 30). $27 more plus shipping gets you the two expansions at other sites, if you want to go on the drive and grab the other components and pay $6 for shipping. Soooo, on the whole, you will save a few bucks buying it as a package here at MD, and you won't have to head to Target and deal with the price adjustment. Also, there are 4 other euro-style gateway games at huge discounts at (Dominion for 23, pandemic for 19, 7 wonders for 25, smallworld for 27, ticket to ride for 30), you'll have to pick up in store in most cases and price match their own site (and sometimes, order online to pick up in store the same day).
Absolutely terrific game, I haven't played Halloween yet but I have played both vanilla and the Power Up expansion. My 8 year old picked up the strategy within 2 games and now I can't go easy on him anymore, and my wife has become terribly good too.
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Thanks again for joining the drop with the community. We submitted the group’s order with the vendor for the King of Tokyo Bundle shortly after the drop ended and they have begun preparing it for shipment.

Once the group’s order is ready at the vendor’s location, they will ship the packages individually to you as soon as possible.

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Expect an update from us on 5/26 or sooner.
no shipping to The Netherlands?
..does anyone have any information about the vendor? The price here is the same as Amazon, currently, but I'd much rather give someone else my money..
So, I'm still fairly new to MassDrop. On what date will this be shipped?
At the bottom of the description page, under the shipping heading they list the estimated shipping date.
Right now, it's "Estimated ship date is May 29, 2015."
will this ship to canada and if yes for how much?
No shipping to Australia? Sad face, no committing.
King of New York is a strictly better game, just sayin
What a joke, CoolStuff has this for $14+14+28=$56-5%=$53

Massdrop price lowest is only $1 less, what a Fucking deal
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CSI does free shipping
Only if you spend $44 more on other stuff, so . . . not free.
Personally, I can't spend $100 on this kind of stuff, so it's really a moot point for me if I want to see the game within a couple of months.
I bought this off Amazon Prime last year for $50 including shipping.
Would commit if it was available to Brazil. So sad. :/
How do we find out what shipping to Canada is?
No shipping to Canada I suppose.
Price looks decent but the teller will be if it ships to Canada & for how much. Another question is if this is in US funds or Canadian...