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King of Tokyo Second Edition Bundle

King of Tokyo Second Edition Bundle

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Hi All,

We have updated the images to reflect the correct second editions offered in this drop. Gram 'em while you can!

Beware, pictures show 1st edition Powerup expantion and 1st edition Halloween.
Problem is, they changed a couple of characters on the second edition base game so you need the new power up expantion to get the right power up cards for each character. So this bundle is not worth it at all.
Massdrop has proven to be yet again not accurate. 1st edition versions in picture but claiming 2nd edition in text. No reason to trust Massdrop based upon my personal experiences with them.
Shipping is free
Problem is doubling that price for shipping...
Will it actually be second edition stuff? In the preview the Power Up and Halloween are the 1st edition versions. Only the base set shown is 2nd edition.
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They have released second edition versions. They're basically the same, some slightly reworded powers and changed the card backs to match the new 2e cardbacks. Also changed some of the art, like the pandakai standee so the staff won't break as easy.
Interesting, thank you for sharing.
Right now (12/9 am), purchasing through Amazon would be $32 base game + $16 Power up + $40 Halloween = $88. Not too bad!
Halloween exp. should be 14-16 USD also. Price is inflated by 3rd party
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