Kingrex UD384 32Bit/384kHz DACsearch

Kingrex UD384 32Bit/384kHz DAC

Kingrex UD384 32Bit/384kHz DAC

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The KingRex UD384 is a DAC capable of 32bit/384kHz decoding. The small form factor, RCA output and SPFID bypass, combined with those encoding rates, make Kingrex's UD384 the best choice for any serious audiophile.

The Story

Kingrex was founded in 2006 to make the most underpriced and overspeced audio hardware possible. They started by releasing a couple amplifiers and specialty cables but the real breakthrough came when they released the UD384. The 32bit/384kHz DAC decodes at the highest quality level and presents the blackest background possible. Starred reviews for the UD384 have launched Kingrex to a new level and we're excited to feature them on Massdrop.

Listening Notes

Ever stood in a silent stadium? The second someone starts playing, the sound is pure, distinct, and polarizing clear. That's what we found when we auditioned the UD384. We've never heard such a deep, black background and the contrast was a big improvement over our Matrix M-Stage DAC. Tonality was fairly neutral, maybe a little dark but that's to be expected. No sharp edges on the highs, just clear presentation, same goes for mids and the low end. All in all, this is the best DAC we've heard that runs less than $1000.


  • 32bit/384kHz decoding (windows drivers included and no drivers required on a mac)
  • Compact Aluminum Enclosure
  • Coax SPDIF Throughput
  • RCA Output
  • USB Input


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