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Kizer GTi Gingrich Hunter Folding Knife

Kizer GTi Gingrich Hunter Folding Knife

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As much as I hate coatings, there is no way I can pass on a $70 S35VN blade. I'm sure it'll sit in the same niche that my Delica and Native 5 fill.

EDIT: Once again, when filling out the basic information for a knife drop, it would help to have the washer type listed. I would assume these are PB.
For the price and materials, this looks like a fantastic deal! I’m in on one for a work blade, as it looks perfect for the job! I hope more join in and this and is a successful drop!
This is going to be a hard choice. My chance to try out Kizer and S35V at a reasonable price. Just a tad heavier than what I normally carry.
They typically do a great job with their thumbstud knives
Like the popular Gent, this is a well-priced folder with premium parts: S35V steel, G-10 scales, and a strong liner lock running on phosphor bronze washers.

The fluted scales are comfy and just grippy enough. The partially open-pillar design makes for easy cleaning. There are double thumb studs. The clip is deep-pocket and a design I wish Kizer would use more often. Out-of-the-box, my blade was shaving sharp.

Using the handle choil, this is a three and a half finger grip for me; a full four-finger grip using the sharpening choil. The pivot screw is proprietary, which I don't care for, but any slim, flathead screwdriver should work well.

Is there room for improvement? I would perfer a somewhat thinner blade. I have recently become a fan of the new WE Knives Rectifier, with an under 3-inch blade that slices like a demon.

The Kizer is a small, very well-made, lightweight knife at a good price that will perform just about any chore you ask of it. Highly recommended.
Haha, I don't mind the blade stock on this because honestly, as far as small knives go, nothing will ever slice like a sharp chaparral, and I already have one of those.
It will run on phosphor bronze washers. They have 3 sizes for this now... the 2.5, 2.99 and 3.5 versions. The 2.99 is going to be a Vanguard version with VG10 steel but this and the large version uses S35VN like this one. For the money, if you commit at 69.99 you are getting a hell of a knife with some very grippy G10 if it's anything like the large version. For someone that wants a knife with G10, deep carry clip, quality steel that can handle its own weight and more, get this. I might go for the Vanguard version bc I prefer a little more length and VG10 but this is a really good deal at this price.
Oh wow, this is hella tempting. Running on bronze washers I assume?
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No, both sides of the pivot seem to have bronze.
Awesome, thanks.
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