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Kizer Ki3468 Intrepid Folding Knife

Kizer Ki3468 Intrepid Folding Knife

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Super disappointed about this drop being cancelled! Now I hear this is the SECOND time this same thing has happened???
Seriously bad management of this one Massdrop. Not giving me great confidence in future drops...
Someone mentioned Nagorny's. I ordered the onife there for $150 after this drop was fubar'd but it was cancelled the next day as they don't have it in stock either...
Just snagged one on eBay for around $160. #250/500. At least the drop got me interested in this knife. I might never have thought about it otherwise.
THIS IS THE SECOND DAMN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i know right? Super frustrating!
Twice I got screwed by Massdrop.... as the say, the 2nd time ... shame on me......
Unless I'm mistaken, this knife was released in 2016 as a limited run of 500, so I'd been wondering how MD acquired them in quantity 2 years later. Answer: They didn't! At least this'll save me some $. Too bad my credit card statement closed between being charged and getting refunded. :/
Shouldn’t the volume of product you're offering through a drop be secured prior to offering the drop? This situation seems avoidable. A cancellation is annoying and erodes my confidence in Massdrop.
In the future I’d like to know if the drop is being offered on spec or if the products are already built and in stock.
Exactly! If it’s limited to 70 units then they should have at least 70 knives ready to ship when the drop is over.
Obviously some of their sellers are incompetent and unreliable scam artists!!
Seriously.. Again. And I passed on another drop for this one that is no longer available. If you cannot be counted on than I may be better off going elsewhere.
Same here... I passed on another drop because of this one.....
So upsetting.
Just added a review for my new Kizer Ki3468 Intrepid brought to you by Massdrop...
Spoiler alert: 5 Stars!
Epic facepalm.
First time I can call it a mistake or a simple screwup. Second time... I'd call it incompetence.
Uhm, WTF Massdrop? You bring it back again, and it gets cancelled AGAIN? What is going on over there? Since I used my $10 "apology" credit on this second attempt, do I get that back too?
Again? so we got another $10 credit after previous drop failure, now $20 credit in total, which is cool, but not cool really. It's really weird..
Seriously... This is exactly what happened last time Massdrop!

Is this the same thing that happened last time?
Yes, the exact same thing.
Order just got canceled due to the item being backordered...not cool.
It has been brought to our attention that the item you ordered has become backordered, and we do not know if more inventory will become available. Since we are unable to guarantee that we will receive this item from the vendor, we had to cancel your order and issue a full refund to your original payment method. You can expect to see the funds back in your account within the next 2-3 business days.We sincerely apologize for this situation and as a token of our apologies, We've applied $10.00 to your member account. This coupon will be applied to the next drop you join and will appear as a discount in the checkout page. It expires one year from today. Please note that the full amount must be used all at once and any remaining balances will not carry over.If you would like to be notified when another drop for this product becomes active, please click the "Request" button on the drop page. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Whats up with this drop? second time this is happening?
Oh, it sold out? I wondered where the hell the drop went. I was hoping to grab one but it wasn't looking likely--im on the hook...let's see...$975 For three Microtechs right now.
Jesus. I hadn't added those up until just now. I'm committed to buying three knives by 6/30 for a grand, after taxes and shipping. Yikes.
We and Rike and even Bestech should take note: offer a knife w/ amazing blade steel and Ti frame for $99, even if it's relatively small in size and pretty plain, and that thing will be gone. Or was it $125? My Dorado with M390 was $99; either way, it werent no damn $235.99 or whatever. Those other companies make really nice knives but I have yet to buy a high end model, because for $250 I can get another UTX-85, for $300 I can get a fancy Pro-Tech, and for $450, I CAN'T get Rike Knife Thor but I can buy an upgraded small Sabenza, or a Hinderer XM, or a Microtech Cypher or Troodon, or two of the new amazing ZT models, etc., etc.
Even though I got in on the drop... I still feel a bit skeptical that it will get canceled again. I will believe it when I actually see the knife.
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SOB mine did too! I can't believe they have done this twice for the exact same product.

Lol, good call...
Damn again Mannnnn
Sold so quickly, dissapointed i missed out ... again :(
yea last time it completely sold out in hours so this time i got in by responding in the morning. its half sold out by noon of the same day. that being said, it was back a couple weeks after the last time so if you request it and respond fast you'll get in. its also on sale for 150 at nagornys knives, which is maybe 10 dollars more. this specific knife model is limited to 500 as well.
Missed the drop again. Anyone want to trade the mini Intrepid for a brand new Gemini then let me know. Straight up trade. The Gemini is 3.1“ blade so I cannot carry it in my city.
its for sale at a small knife store called nagornys knives for 150. ive never heard them but someone mentioned it to elsewhere. that being said, i couldnt find jack shit on them online so idk how sketch it is. im just glad i got in on the drop, hopefully its not cancelled this time around.
Yeah, I saw that also. Look sketchy to me too since everywhere else was 200+.
So, why did everyone's orders get cancelled and now it's back a couple weeks later for 5 bucks more?
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That would make sense, except that a $5 price increase doesn't even fully offset the $10 credit they gave to everyone whose order was cancelled. I fully expected a new drop in the $150 range.
Yeah, that's a good point. Who knows then?
I'll take it at $130 and hopefully it's for real this time... :P
Anybody know if this has catched bearings, Ceramic vs. Steel, or washers?
How well does Kizer heat treat their M390?
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My only example of Kizer's handling of M390 is on my mini Dorado, so the sample size is very small. And the only other M390 blades I have for comparison are in Microtechs, which are kind of outliers, as far as blade geometry go.
With my lack of expertise or good example to measure against established: Kizer's M390 seems totally adequate. It definitely loses its edge faster than, for example, my Socom, but it that still takes a LONG time to happen. And it sharpens back up razor-keen. Definitely worth $130+ for 3" of it, housed in titanium.
I don't think you'll be sorry. I think it was the same price when I bought this in October. So yes it is a great deal. It is a cool little knife. I really like mine. It hides very well in a pocket. The handle is a little smaller than I was expecting but it fits very well in my XL hand. I will have this knife for a long time. I hope you enjoy as well.👍
What a frackin' great deal -- if I didn't already have one, I'd grab this.
Hey Jonas,
Is there a mistake in the price?
It was 124.99 during the last drop.
So was the entire drop cancelled or just a few people got booted off it? If the whole drop was cancelled there may still be hope for it drop later? if it was on a limited run then i wouldn't be holding my breath
:( got kicked out of the drop, apparently some kind of error? Got a $10 credit as an apology, though I would have much rather gotten the knife.