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Kizer Ki4456A1 River Cat Frame Lock Knife

Kizer Ki4456A1 River Cat Frame Lock Knife

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My father ordered this knife here on Massdrop, and we have been extremely impressed with its beauty and overal functionality. its amazing what you can get for less than $150 in a knife today, let alone what $50 can get you nowadays in a knife. This knife came super sharp, it has a great strong detent, is smooth as glass and is extra beautiful. This knife has one of the most unique looking handles. We have 50 or so knives (90% of which have been purchased within the last year or so) and Pops says this knife (Kizer River Cat) is in his top 3 favorite knives. to me that says it all
How well built and durable are these Kizers? I was not super impressed by my We Knives / Ferrum Forge Falcon. I had to loctite the main pivot to keep the blade from loosening within less than a dozen flips and saw the pivot bolt looked a bit on the wimpy side.
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Quite the opposite, my biggest issue with the Falcon was that it had fasteners put in so hard that the torx part was stripped from factory.

My falcon can never come fully apart.
Very good man, Ive had mine for a while and use it for work. It flips awesome and stays together, i havent put anything onto the threads.
Thought long and hard about this but in the end I feel like Kizer missed the boat on this one. The machining is awesome and would look fantastic on an otherwise minimalist knife. But Kizer doesn't do minimal, so we get three overly blingy spacer screws, Kizer's trademark overly-blingy pivot screw, a clunky-looking clip that looks like it belongs on a $20 knife, a pretty pointless thumb stud, and Kizer trademark re-curve on the blade -- a re-curve that is so slight you wonder why they bothered yet curvey enough to make it a pain to sharpen.

I've almost pulled the trigger on a lot of Kizer knives, but overall their trademark aesthetic is always just a bit off for me.
Agreed, this one is way too........busy. Hey, massdrop, I am actively waiting to purchase another Kizer. If you guys can get a higher end frame lock like this but with a cleaner, more elegant design (there are several such knives in polls right now) I will buy it.
The Envoy was the one I wanted to see, and it's been discontinued because Kizer is the absolute worst for discontinuing the Envoy. Maybe we'll get Massdrop on the Envoy boat and we'll see a super price on them soon. They were already one of Kizer's least expensive high-end knives, so I am hopeful that a drop would be priced in the $80-90 range.
Does this one has a lockbar insert?
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Too strong for studs?
I took mine apart and oiled, smoothed the action by playing with the detent and it flips like a dream on both the flipper and stud. If you maintain your knives they are a lot better than from factory.
Damn.... I love the multi color handle on this... if I hadn’t already picked up the alter ego awhile back I would jump on this.
I just received my Kizer Ki4456A1 and it DOES have a lock bar insert! I almost didn’t join the drop because it was advertised as not having one. I’m very I glad I joined this drop. I really like this knife! The blade drops with such ease to close!
As the photos show, I did not join the previous drop due to lack of insert. I am glad you pointed this out and confirmed that it does. “M—k“ also shows in his photos it has an insert. So, I’m in on this ‘Drop!
And combined with an overtravel arrestor as well!
Just received an email saying the Kizer Bolt drop was delayed. It's getting close on this one and this is a lot more expensive. If this one is delayed, it might be time to cancel and send a message.
Interesting. I joined the previous drop and mine definitely has the insert. And the insert also has an integral tab to function as the stopbar.

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The 'closed' detent is pretty strong . It has worn in a little over repeated use, but compared to my Urban Trappers for instance, it takes a firm finger flip or thumb flick to deploy. I wouldn't say it is too strong, but I have to want to open it. I don't anticipate many accidental openings. I don't think I can gravity-flip it open. Both my RiverCat and AlterEgo feel about the same for detent. Hope that helps!
That's perfect actually, great description, and happily it sounds like my kind of detent
I would purchase this knife in a heartbeat if it had a frame lock insert.
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You, Sir, are correct... Large pockets! And many of them! FDC...Final Day Carry! ;)
I like that! On the final day, any EDC graduates to FDC.