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Kizer Ning Ki4469A1 Shoal Frame Lock Folder

Kizer Ning Ki4469A1 Shoal Frame Lock Folder

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Just wondering if you guys ever got your kizer shoals
Waiting any word ....!!!!
The scalloped scales pushed me over the edge on this drop. If the knife is 1/2 as cool as the Guru I will be happy!

Looking forward to receiving another cool knife from Kizer!
Same 👍🍻
Now waiting patiently. Hope the right model arrives, and the estimated shipping date was a week before my birthday. The handle worth half of the price - get it right this time.
$158.94 with free shipping currently on eBay. Only one left. I will not name the seller, but it begins with a "j" and I have purchased several knives from him that were just as described. Also, another seller has one for $158.95. Both are new.
A few months back, I bought this knife on a flash sale. Maybe I am one of the few that has no problems maintaining the edge of a recurve. The Kizer Shoal has a hollow grind, but is flat ground at the point, making for a stronger point. The titanium pocket clip can be mounted right or left tip up. Unlike many other frame locks, I can flip this one left handed if I do not apply too much pressure on the lock bar with my thumb. If I apply more pressure to the lock bar, the detent will hold the blade closed. The blade will fall closed freely, so I keep my thumb near the thumb tap to catch the blade without drama. When new, the lock would not always engage fully, especially when opened slowly. After some usage, that no longer happens. A magnet sticks to the blade, pivot and lock bar insert, but not to anything else. I don't know if that means the other parts are titanium, aluminum or or some other non-magnetic alloy. The grip fits my medium/large hands in a variety of holds with a small amount to spare. If you have large or extra large hands, you may hang off the end some. This is due to the shape of the handle and the position of the blade thumb tab. The blade and frame jimping, along with the scale texture and thumb tab makes this a secure knife in my hands.
Just wondering if this is going to be the correct knife....???
Yeah I was thinking of getting one myself until I started reading the post from the last run. Hopefully someone has taken steps to prevent that sort of mix up in the future.
Has anyone heard anything on this? I'm about to return mine in anger, but still would love the Shoal that I ordered. At the same time, I have a bad feeling about giving Kizer any of my money with the crap they are pulling in this drop.
Update: Massdrop replied to my inquiry about receiving the wrong knife.
They offered a return/refund option and also said they would be able to provide the correct knife.
I opted to receive the correct knife. They didn't give me a time estimate. Will give it a week and make another inquiry.
Anyone else get any form of resolution?
I got the same offer, my last response was late June early July for the replacement.
I took the refund and bought a Benchmade 940-2.
My return arrived early yesterday and I am yet to receive an update.
Knife arrived today and it is a model with a plain scale.

The dimpled scale and blue ano hardware are no where to be found.

This is the model I had ordered.

Very disappointed.
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Sorry to hear. It makes me wonder if this is a whole shipment that is in error.
So far, I haven't heard anything from Massdrop.
I'll give it a few days and then dispute the charge with my credit card provider. That usually gets the vendor's attention.
I ordered the Kizer Zugang with Chinese lettering and got the plain one. I was offered a refund but decided to keep it anyway. Apparently the Kizer drops are kind of a crap shoot.
Silence from Massdrop at this point speaks volumes about their take on customer service. Emailed on Wednesday, still no response. Initial responses from last week made me feel more comfortable about possible future transactions. Silence creates discomfort.
Hey Lucky I apologize for the delay! I’m not sure how your ticket went unnoticed, but I’ve notified Customer Support of your issue and they will be reaching out to you shortly.
Mark M.
Thank you very much Mark! CS has since been in contact with me.