Kizer Ki5486 Maddox S35VN Folding Knifesearch

Kizer Ki5486 Maddox S35VN Folding Knife

Kizer Ki5486 Maddox S35VN Folding Knife

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You either like a Willumsen design or you don't. And although I'd never even try to make the case for why one should if he didn't, just yesterday I bought A great beastly BlackFox folder designed by M. Willumsen, and I love all 4.25" of that 440C compound blade (esp for $47.50). I don't even know what it weighs, but even as skeletonised liner-lock w/ G10 scales, it's HEAVY.

It's like impressionist paintings, or oysters on the half-shell, or industrial music, or the French, or durian fruit, or the desert: most people wonder what the hell the rest of us are enjoying so much. And I'm glad for that--universal acclaim often means something is bland. But durian tastes like rotting garlic on my tongue, and Monet bugs the hell out of me.
You should be writing reviews for a living. Your anologies are so crisp I can feel them.

I don't however feel this knife...

Please continue to review. Thanx!
Well said.
I’ve had the pleasure of owning and using several of Mikkel’s custom and production folders for the past ten years or so, and while I agree that their aesthetics are unconventional, they are indisputably well-thought-out and functional. These are most definite NOT “Fantasy” knives...they are purposefully designed with specific functional intent. Kizer’s materials and execution are a great chance to own one of Mikkel’s designs at a bargain price...particularly the Massdrop offerings.
Kizer's ugliest knife yet.
But you've got to recognize that the handle must feel awesome, what with Kizer's skill with titanium and all that milling.
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