Kizer Toothpick Set w/ Storage Capsulesearch

Kizer Toothpick Set w/ Storage Capsule

Kizer Toothpick Set w/ Storage Capsule

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Ate some chicken, these worked good Gettin at the food tween mah teeth.
But are they tactical mall ninja toothpicks?
Hmm, can you get these past TSA? Asking for a friend.
MD is SOOOOOOOOO laughable with this junk that it middlemans. is anyone actually buying this crap?
I got these in the last drop, and I have to say I'm very disappointed in Kizer's quality control. The toothpicks look like the points were ground by holding the titanium rods on a belt sander rather than turned on a lathe. The two toothpicks were unevenly formed and one had a sharp titanium burr at the tip that I had to grind off myself before I could use it. All of that being said, having titanium toothpicks is actually a useful tool, even if the price is somewhat steep. One last warning, there's so much space in the capsule that if you carry this as a keychain it jingles like bells.
Uh...these are coke spoons, right?
I know this is a tiny detail regarding a ridiculous product - but this is a serious question:
The length is listed as 2.5inches - is that the length of the inner volume or the entire capsule (including lanyard anchor)??
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Length of the entire capsule by my measurement is about 3.125", toothpicks are 2.5", inner volume I'm uncertain of but I can tell you it's to short to hold a chapstick tube
Thanks for providing the measurements. I was thinking that the tube would be better off being made of Ti and longer... which would've driven up the cost but would have been great to store a spare 18650. That said, there are cheaper alternatives for carrying spares I suppose.
This really is a first world type product, isn't it? Lol.

There are a lot of places in the world where $22 will get you quite a few meals, and toothpicks cost next to nothing.

But everything in context. It is a first world market, here, and this is probably a fine product.

Good to keep things in perspective, though.
I have no interest whatsoever in lightweight hiking accessories, but I saw this product and had to click.

I could be overlooking something, but I fail completely to see the point of this product. Isn't the whole reason one pays a premium for titanium stuff that it's lightweight? I can understand that for items like dishes, but aren't wooden toothpicks light enough already? And, as Kavik pointed out, aren't they better for your teeth anyway? This seems like an overpriced gimmick to me.

Considering how many people have bought it, however, I could be wrong.
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I don't think the idea behind this is about weight savings at all for this particular product... But more about reusability. Easy to always have one on you, not just hiking/camping.
So you make it out of metal so it's reusable, then you make it out of titanium because everyone and their brother loves titanium, and because you're a knife maker that has plenty of titanium cutoffs laying around lol

I'm still sticking with my original opinion though. I think we've all picked our teeth with something metal at some point, but I'm not about to make a habit of it.
(already wore a groove in a tooth when i was younger by constantly playing with a tongue ring lol and that was a smooth round bar, no pointy bit)
Titanium is important here for medical-grade purposes, other alloys might not be appropriate for being used in your mouth. Similar to dentist tools in this regard.
Check the price on Amazon... $19.99
Lol was just comming here to say that

On a side note though, isn't the whole idea of wooden toothpicks that they're softer than your teeth and won't scratch the enamel?
Not sure if want to use metal for that on a regular basis
I was thinking the same thing, it seems a bit daft to use something harder than your teeth for this kind of use...
For the high end redneck?
You never get food stuck in your teeth? I think it mainly happens to those who floss/pick more, but it happens to me on occasion.
I'm sure all the Duck Dynasty guys use these... :D
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