Kizer Willumsen Yamakasi Titanium Frame Locksearch

Kizer Willumsen Yamakasi Titanium Frame Lock

Kizer Willumsen Yamakasi Titanium Frame Lock

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My 2 cents on this knife. Mikkel Willumsen is an excellent designer and this knife is great looking. Kizer dose a good job with fit and finish. The Down side, not my favorate flipper tab and its very hard to use pocket clip with all the jimping. I like my other Kizer Willumsen better but the Yamakasi is a more edc fiendly.
The blade looks to be a royal pain to sharpen.
Great price for an awesome knife
Knifecenter has them at $119 with free shipping, a freebie knife and fast delivery.
I have owned one of these for quite a while. I really like the knife. It flips great, locks up solid with no lock stick, and it feels great in my hand.

It is a very well made knife.
Review just posted on YouTube by LTK:

This looks like an awesome knife for the price!
Idk but I like it and don't like it...
Mikkel Willumsen is one of my favorite makers. I was either going to get one of his customs or an Olamic custom...I might have to just buy this.
Ahh, alright. I haven't made but a few purchases here, so I just wanted to do my due diligence before picking up a couple of these beauties.
Yeah my concern is more about the lack of review out there which is weird, as i woulda imagined this knife being more popular. i think it's probably have something to do with the blade blade which a lot of people seems to dislike.
I think it's the Chinese made model like Kizer or the recently ended Ferum Forge collab that makes Massdrop deal shine, as you are generally able to get great prices here. Can't say the same for Spyderco tho... (yes, MAP pricing and all that)
ignorance is a curable disease my friend.
Feels to me like a bit of a Brous-esque design with better materials.
Wish there were more reviews of this floating around the internet. Hesitant to purchase without seeing a review.
Kizer always has great price on massdrop, this is no exception. I wonder if this is a new model that's just released this year, or it's just not as popular as theo other models? Coz I can't seem to find a lot of info about this model, and zero YouTube review.
The price seems too good to be true, it makes me wonder if some of these are counterfeits with inferior materials.
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The pricing looks legit. The other Kizer Uprising drop that just ended was around $115, which is similar price range. The price on bladeHQ and Knifecenter is $175. The street price for this model is around $200, however i can see why the massdrop price for this could be lower since it's probably a much less popular model.
The price is legit. You won't get counterfeit items here on Massdrop because it comes directly from the product's source. There will be times when an item will be cheaper elsewhere, and even with free shipping. But the desire to please and appease every customer from posting an item to its delivery, I don't think can be matched anywhere. It's why I keep coming back anyway.
Cool knife.
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