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Klipsch R-14M Reference Bookshelf Speakers

Klipsch R-14M Reference Bookshelf Speakers

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Just wondering... why do some things like this just get tagged under "Tech" when it would have obvious interest over at the "Audiophile" community as well? I've seen this happen with other items as well, such as a watch tagged in one communitiy, but not in "Watches" or "Men's Accessories."

Newegg has these for $99 at least 2-3 times a year.
Is this for one or a pair? It's not clear in the description.
Yes, I purchased this and received a pair.
Yes, This is for a pair. I have added a note on the drop so its more clear. Sorry about that.
I've been looking for a deal on these speakers for a couple months now. While not the best deal ever on these speakers, this is a pretty decent drop - I'm in at $120. I've auditioned these and, while they're not as good as their Reference Premiere line, they are very good for speakers in this price range.

Klipsch seemed to do some good discounting earlier in the year (I was able to pick up 5.0 of my 7.2.2 home theater at great prices). When they came out of the discounts, they seem to have reset their pricing higher on a lot of their speakers. This is an odd situation where I think Massdrop is actually understating MSRP - it's actually $199 on the Klipsch site and through their authorized dealers today.

BTW, kudos to those from the earlier drop mentioning camelcamelcamel - best site to know what kind of deal you're getting.

I already have a similar /same set, I really like them, buy their big ass $350 subwoofer and a yamaha receiver and your all set.
They are always on sale for 99 bucks at Frys.com, but this isn't a bad price.
this is a steal!
Not at all. They were $79 on Black Friday. Both before and after Black Friday they were $97.


I have r-15m speakers and I LOVE them! But, definitely wait for a bigger sale, like Black Friday. I got my r-15m's for $125 on Black Friday, and I am not dissapointed for entry level speakers.
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Np! I think the R15-m speakers are awesome, and waaaaay better than the r14-ms
Thank you for your feedback, I'll wait until Black Friday then, hopefully I'll be able to get a similar deal :)
Yea these are on sale for $100 very often. They went even lower for black Friday. Not a good deal.
Can I buy in INDIA. Is anyone selling in INDIA
I have these speakers - very nice, absolutely better than your average 'pc' speakers. Comparing them to Klipsch 2.1 setup, the R14Ms are better sounding..., the 2.1 has better base, but imho the R14M has the right amount of omph for a desktop setting.

I'm powering mine with the SMSL Q5

As others have said, this isn't 'that' great of a deal tbh. They go on sale for this (and lower) fairly often.
I use a plastic bottle, copper wire, my magnet i got from Disneyland, glue, and some foil.
These are passive speakers and require a separate amplifier.
The promotion is not clear if it is for a pair or for a single. I expect it is for a pair.
They should not be called "reference" if they are ported or passive. A ported loudspeaker depends on its setup for a bass response. A passive speaker depends on the amplifier for ultimate quality.
Yes, we are selling a pair on this drop.
It's Klipsch's name for the speakers.