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Klipsch X7i In-Ear Headphones

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Been using these a lot. Great! Well above mid-level quality and definitely far above ear buds. Good isolation with flanges, but I need to push my left ear's one back in more often than I'd like.

As for iOS vs Android - an iOS IEM works fine on Androids except that the volume up/down don't. Ok. I'm iOS, but I really prefer having my audio source control the volume (iOS) vs having a pot in the cable (Android). Many places (Amazon) have $2-4 cables with mic, switch, and volume pot / slider if needed.
So far, for me, the 3 flange works best but still no where near 29dB isolation I'd guess. Great headphones though!
Which of the included eartips (oval, or 3 flange) gives better isolation? Sound quality? Or is it Comply for both (if so, which size since the X7i isn't in Comply's online chooser)?
Thanks again for joining this drop! We have submitted the group's order with the vendor for the Klipsch X7i In-Ear Headphones and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.

As soon as the group's order is ready at the vendor's location, they will send the bulk shipment to our warehouse in New Jersey where our warehouse team will break it up into individual orders and ship them. The current estimated ship date from our warehouse is 5/30.

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I recently bought the X7i, had the S4i. The X7i are very comfortable, same audio quality if not better, and better build quality. Up and down volume doesn't work on my Android device, but I have other ways.

The time I saw these at 84 EUR on Amazon, I thought it was some kind of joke, in fact, some were still selling at is 160 EUR+, and this drop is for 74$. I thought Klipsch was selling out the remains to make space for the new line, seems like they had a lot in stock.

My daily driver are the Sennheiser HD 25 II, so I'm used to decent audio quality and to my impression this is a deal. I don't have any affiliation to Klipsch whatsoever, just thought some might use a honest feedback.
Interesting, I've owned a black pair of these for 1-2 years now. I think Klipsch just sucks at marketing because these are actually really nice, but I've never heard of them before so I would've never owned a pair had I not randomly stumbled across these at a store.

I can only speak for the black version, but a quick unbiased review:

- The design is beautiful. Easily the best on the market. Very minimalistic though, so nobody's going to be asking you what brand it is or where you got it. You have to experience it first-hand to appreciate it.
- The build quality is there. Cable is solid, connector is solid, joins are solid, and the body of the earbuds themselves are wonderful. Hold the earbuds up by the wire and you'll hear this awesome satisfying click as the ceramic earbuds touch each other. Due to the material of the housing, the earbuds have a bit of weight but they're so small that it balances out.
- Sound quality is solid. Not strong on the low end but that's not unexpected. I'm very happy with the sound, but I'm not an audiophile so that's the best review I can give you.

- The cable is a flat rubber ribbon. Nothing wrong with that, but due to the grippy texture of the cable you'll hear a lot of noise as you move and walk around. Pretty common for earbuds unfortunately.
- The rubber bit of the earbuds is elliptical to better fit your ear, and indeed it's pretty comfortable. Probably the most comfortable pair I've owned actually. But they only stay in my ears reliably if I'm in a regular position (standing, sitting with my head vertical). If I lay down on my back or side, they tend to fall out.
- The housing of the controls is a bit disappointing compared to the quality of the earbuds themselves. It's average-feeling plastic with average buttons. The controls don't seem to work with my Android but it's not a deal breaker for me. Mic works fine.

Conclusion: I'd recommend these, and at $75 you're getting a very good deal. I paid the MSRP of $200 like a sucker but I'm not complaining. But if you're looking for a pair of earbuds for use during your workout routine, I'd suggest you look elsewhere (try to find wireless earbuds actually, as the cable noise issue is definitely not isolated to this model).
Nick! I currently have the klipsch s4's and I have also noticed the issues with cable noise (I'm a fidget, so I shake my legs and it sounds like a drum in my ears. I've solved the problem by using a clip on my shirt). I have some questions about these earphones: Is the housing very high maintenance (if I use the case and slide it in and out of my pocket will they shatter or scratch)? Are the acoustics significantly better than the s4's (noise isolation, soundstage, drivers, etc)? And finally, would you personally upgrade to these from the s4 for the price?
** I've solved the issue of the eartips by using the stacked buds. It feels weird at first, but after a couple days, the seal is perfect and they're in there solidly (I've chewed gum with them in my ears).**
I'll have to try the clip and the stacked buds sometime, thanks! Sorry this is a bit late but: nope, not high maintenance in my experience. However I always use the provided case when carrying these around. No scratches so far, and the material seems like it would actually be difficult to scratch (not gonna test though haha). As for dropping these- I haven't yet managed to do this but I'd imagine they can survive a decent impact. Accidentally crushing would be very difficult.

As for the s4, I don't know. I haven't tried it but it appears others find the sound very similar in both the s4 and x4. If you want a pair of sexy earbuds then go for it. I'd still recommend the black version over this white one but it's always more expensive for some reason.
How usable is the warranty for these, and for what duration? If the build quality is anything as awful as the S4 or S4ii then these probably won't even last a year. Hopefully these sound a lot better than the S4 as well, which I found to be probably the worst IEM I had ever listened to apart from stock Apple earbuds.
how does this compare tho my mee audio m6 pro?
cross Your argument is wholly invalid, and laughably ignorant in its condescension. Android, while an operating system, is run by a development team (and Google overall) that requires that manufacturers adhere to certain standards, both in their software coding AND in their hardware specifications. This ensures that Johnny doesn't buy a set of headphones that only work on his current phone but not other or future phones (unlike the 'older days' of Android). Turns out, Apple and Android use the SAME STANDARD.

infamous uncomfortable stock earbuds
If shipped, what would be the warranty on these, given that we aren't sure if md is or isn't an authorized klipsch retailer? I'd like to see the 2-year.
I had 2 pairs of X4's, Probably my favorite by Isolation - Quality standards but with both of them the right ear piece stopped working after about 7 months.
I wanted to order these (Or any medium-high end Klipsch's), and then saw it's USA only. Lame :(
Ugh, more iems with buttons that fully control the iPhone only and not Android. Was hoping to see an option in the checkout for Android. I did not (assuming it exists). So I did not buy.

Massdrop, drop me a line if that's available and you add an Android option. Thanx.
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Response to cross's snide, arrogant and dismissive response. Well, mine will be much shorter.

I have a Marshall overear headphone that controls every Android based phone I've ever purchased, from multiple manufacturers, and OS level from 2.2.x to the current. Emperical evidence has me thumbing my nose at your completely dismissive compatability argument.

But it's over ear, and quality is 'low-fi'. So in the end, I've purchased enough iems w/mic that are iPhone only. Won't buy another one. I'm not alone.

Tell me you represent Klipsch please. My LaScala and Heresy speakers are asking.
"Tell me you represent Klipsch please. My LaScala and Heresy speakers are asking." Nope, I've never been a fan of low-fi.
These use the same driver as the $179 X6i. Very flat.
Is the remote for android or iphone?
According to a Cnet review: "inline-remote features aren't compatible with most non-Apple smartphones."
I own one of these. Remote does NOT work with Android. iPhone only.