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Korg MS-20 Mini Synth

Korg MS-20 Mini Synth


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Miniature Old-School Synth

Similar to the Korg MS-20, the MS-20 Mini contains the same great performance and design features in a smaller version that’s only 86% of the original size. Engineered with the same analog circuitry that was first introduced in 1978, the MS-20 Mini proves itself as a compact monophonic synthesizer capable of producing MS-20’s original sound, but fine-tuned to reduce unwanted noise.

Korg MS-20 Mini Synth

Highlighted Details

The 3-octave MS-20 Mini comes equipped with self-oscillating high-pass/low-pass filters, an external signal processor to use pitch or volume from an external audio source to control the synth, and a flexible patching system to create complex sounds by experimenting with cable plug-ins and changing the connections between different devices. For connectivity options, the MS-20 Mini accommodates USB, TS and MIDI connectors.

Korg MS-20 Mini Synth
Korg MS-20 Mini Synth
Korg MS-20 Mini Synth
Korg MS-20 Mini Synth
Korg MS-20 Mini Synth


  • Analog synthesizer
  • Number of Keys: 37 (3 octaves)
  • Other Controllers: Pitchbend, Mod Button
  • Monophonic
  • USB: Type B
  • Audio inputs: 1/8 in 3.5 mm TS
  • MIDI I/O: In/USB
  • Height: 8.19 in (208.02 mm)
  • Width: 19.41 in (493 mm)
  • Depth: 10.12 in (257 mm)
  • Weight: 10.58 lbs (4.8 kg)


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