Koss KPH30i Rhythm Beige Headphonessearch

Koss KPH30i Rhythm Beige Headphones

Koss KPH30i Rhythm Beige Headphones

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Anyone here have use the KPH30i with the Nintendo Switch
These look absolutely hideous...good lord.
I did a video review of these

My order is stuck in 'active' transactions, despite the fact that I got them from the last drop over a week ago, so I can't post this in the review section.
I broke mine on accident. Watching Netflix in bed and they snapped in 2

Worth doing a warranty repair?
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Yeah, maybe some day. $5 convince fee :D!
Now you have two of them. That is an even better deal! :)
Easy to get earpads?
They are available on the Koss site.


They have the blue ones too.
are they good for gaming?
Not really. If you want a good / cheap pair of headphones to game with. Try the Philips shp9500s, you can get them for around $50
Soundwise, these are good for the money. and the microphone is fine - but they offer zero isolation. Bear this in mind if you are planning to use them on public transport or in noisy environments. I bought these for the bus, and they don't work for that - no passive noise reduction at all. I have found they are not listenable on a noisy street either. In retrospect I probably should have realised that from the design. Switched to shure 215s with comply tips for commuting - instant privacy! On the flip side - these are good if you need to maintain situational awareness. Anyway - price / performance ratio is great, but if you are planning on using them out and about, be aware that the passive noise reduction is negligible.
ouch my ears
he can't hear you, his ears
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Not sure. Maybe it's the lighting. Still the best color option for me.
Looks pretty dark for beige to my eyes. Looks to be somewhere between flat dark earth and beige.
Received these today:

Using on MacBook

1. I have a very small head and headphones are a hit or miss, they looked small so gave it a try. Usually with headphones that fit my small head, it is due to the extreme tension and it squishes my brains out of my nostrils. These very affordable headphones do not give that squish and actually fit my small head very comfortably!

2. I asked in the discussions if the microphone would work on MacBooks and boy does it ever! I have a mid-range priced USB headphone-mic combo that I use for phone and making video tutorials. The Koss mic ridicules the USB set! So clear! Such insane volume for the mic! I was hoping for a half decent mic experience and got a winner!

Definitely worth its money!
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Nostrils refers to your nose lol
Yeah.. too tight headphones result in brains being squeezed out of nostrils LOL