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These things are amazing! A little harder to drive than expected but perfect for the gym. Will push little mp3 players to their max volume. The sound is warm and bassy.
Ok, so now that I have gone through two pairs of Massdrop Exclusive PortaPros (one pair that was returned and its replacement that acted the same way) and a pair of these Beige KPH30i headphones, I have figured out that the mic/button on these headphones do not work with my iPhone 6s. I recabled the pair of PortaPros and it looks like I'll be doing the same for these ones. The mic/button fast-forwards, rewinds, pauses, and engages voice control randomly while walking around. It just doesn't work for me and is extremely frustrating. I really wish that there was a box to check on the drop that allowed you to choose whether you wanted the mic/button on the cable or not, similar to the Monk Plus drops.
Works fine on my samsung, but I blame Apple for deciding to put ground on a different pole than literally everyone else. Why Apple, why?

I don't own these but I own the portapros, and if these sound like the portapros then they are worth it.
Can they be used to talk into with a smartphone. Does it have a microphone?
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Yes on both; great deal with very good sound for the money.
Yes, but I have had no luck with the Koss mic/button feature on my iPhone 6s. It fastforwards, rewinds, pauses, and engages voice control randomly.
I've been using this headphones for a while, but sadly I don't think they're as good for long-term use as I had hoped. They've held up very well, there's minimal sound leakage and they fit alright, but after wearing them all day my ears start to hurt a LOT. Maybe I'm wearing them incorrectly, but after a while the pressure holding them onto my head is too much and it gets painful. Keep in mind, we're talking about wearing them for 4-8hrs at a time, and the pain fades quickly after they're taken off (10-15 mins max).
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TY for carry. I like headphones but I sure as hell can't describe them like an audiophile
To state it simply, you wont hear harsh/shrill percussion. What you will hear is very prominent low vocal tones around the bass guitar frequency.
Personally I hate harsh percussion that's way louder than anything else, so I want the high freqencies rolled off.
Merry Christmas!
Are these good for portable use like taking them on the bus or do do they lean more towards using them at home?
TBH only joined the drop because they're dirt cheap.
Minimal sound leak. I use mine for everything
They're good for portable, I wear them on my commute on a loud bus and train, and also in a computer lab filled with loud talkative people.
I snagged one of these the last time they were offered on Massdrop. The best cheap phone out there!
How is this for strictly using as a headset for calls? Are there any other options around this price
call quality is decent, but remember it is an open back headphone, so might not suitable in noisy environment, even just for calling.
Anyone know how these would be for gaming? I don't need anything crazy just looking to improve from TV speakers and hear some footsteps.
definitely better than TV speakers. Cant comment on footsteps.
I left a comment earlier but I've been able to spend a couple of weeks with this headphone so wanted to do an update. Given sound is subjective I'm going give it a shot at describing what I'm hearing. I've owned/or currently own TOTL cans from Audeze, Sennheiser, ZMF, Mrspeakers and Beyerdynamic. This is the biggest surprise I've encountered in years. It takes a few tweaks but once you dial it in this headphone is absolutely spectacular and stunning in musicality. First off it scales up dramatically with my Dragonfly Red over my Nexus 6p internal dac. Secondly, the headphone needs a little EQ. The mid bass needs about a 2db drop. 1khz to 3khz needs about a 2.5 db boost and above 3khz needs about 1.5db of boost. Once this is done, this headphone doesn't just sound great for the money but is a spectacular headphone period. Of course is subjective again. The bass reminds me a little of the HD650 (Of course not as textured but not that far off .) The vocals are fairly forward but natural and full bodied. The treble is extended but relaxed. The imaging and soundstage are both very good. Wow. Such a wonderful surprise. I own 3 now.
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I listened to it briefly after giving it to my nephew as a Christmas gift and I was amazed at how smooth it sound (but still detailed). It sounded more agreeable to me than my old Porta Pros, which probably need replacing. Definitely a good buy at $20-$30 and I may pick one up myself.
They're definitely warmer than the Porta Pros, and in a good way (at least imo).