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Koss Porta Pro Wireless Headphones

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I can't seem to remember but did these come with free shipping to Canada?
damn I missed it
"Koss’s 1-year warranty"

Ummm did something happen to their Lifetime Warranty? I will in no way ever get these, they break just looking at the pics to long. I know my original Porta Pros and Porta Pro X's have the lifetime warranty, as I've used it. Send them $9 and the broken pair and get a brand new pair. I wonder why these have a lame warranty, I assumed all their products have a lifetime warranty. Thanks but, no thanks!
Bluetooth products have batteries and circuit boards, and thus that is something you just can't warranty for the rest of eternity, it's why NO company has a lifetime warranty on Bluetooth Products, you wouldn't be able to guarantee the circuitboard or battery even is still being manufactured 20 years from now.
Even more reason to not spend twice as much as the originals, or Porta Pro's X. Plus these are not TRULY wireless, looks like that wire would snag a LOT...I'll keep my same ones and never have to buy another pair again (well just the $9, but they priority ship them).
I see papa ganoush wearing this I like
Is it worth buying? I already have a pair of Bluetooth adapter recently bought from Neorblab's Airlink which is pretty much good and solid sound quality with simple features. Now my question is should I shell my pennies on this or the cheaper non wireless model. I just want sound qua
lity and If I can make it wireless through that adapter, I don't see the price of this justifying the purchase decision.
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Thank you, then I'll get the wired Porta Pro. The price seems unreasonable to me. Around 50, I would've considered but 75ish is a bit too much for something filmsy and no sound isolation. Regardless the sound quality.
I suggest the Massdrop wired version or the Limited Edition, just has a little bit more 'flash' to them, plus the limited edition comes with the same hardshell the Porta Pro Wireless does so it's a pretty nice extra!
Price ouchey.
"it makes an ideal travel headphone" This statement is patently false. Have you ever tried to watch something or listen to music with a Porta Pro on a plane? It's impossible. These headphones are open which makes you rude because everyone can hear what you're listening to and all outside noise disrupts what you're listening to also. And now the wireless version adds a dangling wire (a first & last for headphones with a headband I hope) which makes it just as bad for travel as wired headphones. Also, its not even dirt cheap anymore because of the "addition" of wireless.
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"These headphones are open which makes you rude because everyone can hear what you're listening to "

Have you ever owned PortaPros? They leak even less sound than most closed circumaural headphones. They're not ideal for travel because they they don't block outside noise, but they leak less noise out than standard earbuds.
Yes, I own the wired ones. on A plane, thanks to the issue you described, I needed to turn up the volume so high to be able to hear properly - and then at that point they leak enough to annoy the person next to you. I’m not saying they’re bad headphones but they are far from the perfect travel headphone.
Why no AAC codec?
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I am well aware of the history of Koss and the embezzlement event. My comment was mainly that supporting bluetooth codecs are not done by end manufacturers but is done by the chip maker. And there are 3 companies to deal with. Qualcomm for aptX, a separate patent body for AAC, Sony for LDAC.

By the way, Android supports MP3, AAC and LDAC(from Oreo) over Bluetooth while aptX support is device specific.

My LG G6 supports atpX, and it's sometimes hard to tell the difference between the wired and wireless Porta Pros. I'd say the wired lean towards more bass/less highs and the wireless has better highs/slightly less bass, but I don't have a lot of hours on the wireless set and PPs tend to mellow a bit as they break in. I could also tell the difference when used with my phone vs. my non-atpX laptop. These also sounded pretty shakey right out of the box, but are coming around nicely. I read that Macbooks and iMacs support atpX, but if you used these with an iPhone you'd merely be using SBC. I can understand why some iPhone users are upset, but I'd also argue that the average Android and iPhone users don't care all that much (based on the plethora of terrible sounding Bluetooth headsets I've auditioned that other users seem to love). The Massdrop Audiophile Community member is certainly not the average user.
It would have been much better if it had MMCX connector. We could replace the Bluetooth module if it breaks down.
Cheap chi-fi manufactures have more common sense than MD and Koss.
This is e waste
I was initially annoyed about this release, having just purchased the massdrop porta pro's.

But upon further inspection, I think the wire is quite possibly the the only thing that could have ever steered me away from these headphones, I'll take a wire to my pocket and no batteries over this any day.
is this a joke or what?
OMG such lack of creativity & so stupid looking a hanging wire, sorry to say such sadness.
Who needs creativity when you have the porta pros? XD