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Kovea LPG Fuel Adaptor

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Convenient and save $ on stove fuel.
Other than weight savings is there any reason to buy the aluminum over the brass?
Be careful! This adaptor can damage the gas inlet on the stoves, they have ruined 2 of my jetboil stoves. I want to like this adaptor but it damages some stoves while working fine with others. In my opinion it’s a defective and unreliable design, as you can see on line it only works with some stoves, not all stoves as per the claim on this site.
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It’s real simple. A Jetboil or any other stove can screw onto any can of gas and work just fine, however if you screw your stove onto a Kovea adaptor it might work or it might wreck your stove.

All Kovea need to do is make their adaptor shaped more like cans of gas, a more tolerant design, and then the stoves might screw onto the adaptors without problems. However the current design of Kovea adaptors will probably destroy some stoves as the Kovea adaptor is not the same shape as a can of gas.

As as I said before, my Jetboil worked perfectly on a variety of cans of gas but the Kovea adaptor grabbed the brass nipple right out of the end of the stove - unrepairable damage resulted. On inspection it was obvious that the Kovea adaptor had a much smaller diameter hole in its centre than most gas bottles - the Kovea adaptor is likely to be an interference fit on many stoves while gas bottles are a clearance fit.

And as as I said before, a simple design change would mean that the Kovea adaptor would more resemble the shape of the gas bottles it’s meant to be replicating, and THEN the Kovea adaptor would function correctly and be an excellent buy.

I really want to buy one of these adaptors that actually works as advertised without risking destroying expensive stoves.

My stoves all work on MSR, Gigapower, Optimus and Primus cartridges. (all I can think of that I've tried for sure)The only ones I've ever had problems with are "some orange label" Coleman cartridges. So... I avoid Coleman.

With all the conflicting reports on this adaptor I'll have to avoid it too. Unfortunate since in theory, it's a good idea.
Not worth risking throwing money away on something that may or may not work.

This shouldn't be a buy it and see situation. It should "Just work".
And without having to "workaround" a problem that should never exist in the first place.

Hopefully a redesign is in the works. ◕‿◕

MD, could you please confirm titanium model isn’t just chrome plated brass?! There’s no reference that VA-AD-0701 comes in Ti version. how can this be Ti at 105g weight? Titanium would easily half that weight.
Thanks for calling this out. There was some miscommunication when we were updating the page - we are offering an aluminum adaptor OR brass adaptor. They do not make this in titanium. Anyone who purchased the incorrectly labeled version, will be emailed by our customer service team.
These adaptors are made of Aluminum and the silver color one is made of brass, just want to clarify this for MD customers.
I love Massdrop, but similar items are WAY cheaper on Ebay, directly from China, where they all are likely made. Mine works fine.
Just a note, Kovea is actually a boutique stove OEM. Most of the fancy stuff like Snow Peak, Soto, etc are made by Kovea since manufacturing in South Korea is cheaper but at the same time also easier to maintain quality control than in China.
Does this work in cold weather? Had no flow coming from it when I tried it in - 20C thus past weekend in the Rockies. Had it on pretty tight on my soto amicus stove.
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ok ill have to give it a try.,.. do u have a photo of what exactly u mean?
I'll take some pics when I get a chance and show you.
Gee, I guess I should have waited since I paid almost $20 here back in November for the same item. That being said, it really does perform well. I just used it this past weekend on a 4 day winter camping trip where I had to fire up my stove in 0 degree weather. When I used the isobutane cans, you 'd have to keep them warm to work. Not so with the adapter and the green propane canister. Left the propane exposed to the elements and didn't have any issues at all.
I just got mine this past weekend. Works great with my cheap & lightweight BRS stove, but I'll be using it primarily with my Dpower mini portable folding stove for cold weather trips.
Sale price on Amazon is less than shipping, free returns if it doesn't work...
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Price on Amazon has gone up since last
offering of this on MD.

Currently $24+
Amazon's price goes up depending on popularity. cwmst22 probably ruined it for everyone. :P hahaha half j/k
Looks good with the BRS3000!

Hey, that's my one of my hiking buddies who did the video. I saw the adapter in action on one of our winter trips last year and was very impressed. I've been using my BRS stove for about 2 years now and have had no issues.
Yea, it's pretty funny how our outdoors community is so small. Like when you get into section hiking in prep for a thruhike. All the people you meet on the trail are online now, which is great!