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Quality mousepad, shame more people weren't interested.
Hey Everyone,<br /><br />It’s us again, letting you know how your Aivia Krypton Gaming Mouse Pad is doing. After speaking with the folks over at Gigabyte they let us know that the products are en route to our fulfillment center in Irvine, CA.<br /><br />Sit tight, once it reaches our fulfillment center, your new mouse pad will arrive at your doorstep in 2-3 days.<br /><br />Thanks for being such a valued member of the Massdrop community!
Hey Everyone,<br /><br />Congratulations on another successful drop! We know that you’re super pumped about your new purchase and can’t wait to receive it, so we wanted to shoot you an update and let you know how things are going.<br /><br />We’ve placed an order with Gigabyte and they are hard at work putting everything together. Once the manufacturing is complete, we’ll provide you with more details about where your wonderful new product will arrive next.
Does anybody knows about the shipping price to Mexico?
Luis <br /><br />Hi Luis, all shipping prices are visible once you've entered the country on our checkout page.
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