Kuwalla Tee T-Shirts (3-Pack)search

Kuwalla Tee T-Shirts (3-Pack)

Kuwalla Tee T-Shirts (3-Pack)

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Gray 3 pack would be nice
Does this come in Zuckerberg grey.
Purchased on their online store before. Not completely happy with my experience.
Their online store offered the regular shirts available here, on MD, and a version made with Supima cotton.
I made a mistake on my transaction and ended up purchasing the regular shirts instead of the Supima shirts.
I contacted them, and they said all sales are final, and no returns will be accepted. Understandable; it was my mistake. HOWEVER, they promised me the Supima 3-pack for the price of regular if I were to purchase.
So I did.. I purchased a regular 3-pack I didn't want, and a 3-pack of Supima... which after I followed through with an email with confirmation, they NEVER CREDITED ME FOR THE PURCHASE.

The price for the Supima 3-pack was considerably more than the regular 3-pack. Few days later, I see Uniqlo selling Supima cotton t-shirts for $15 each, same quality as Kuwala's.

The 3-pack sold on MD is not worth the price. Even the Supima versions sold on their site are not worth the price.

Kuwalla, regardless of you replying to this message to atone for your reprimands, you will forever have an unsatisfied customer. You have wasted my money, time and efforts. I feel lied to and betrayed.

Would not recommend.
do they fit well (snuggly) for muscular atheletic types (eg 44 chest, 32 waist)? all I see on their website are these skinny kids that look like they pulled off the street to model wearing 1 size up.
Do you have a sister ?
Is it just me, or is there no option to order long-sleeve shirts this time around?
No, they only have Aligator arm shirts. LOl
I'm. So. Excited. 3. White. Vs!
Your level of excitement is low my friend.
More stock please. Specifically mixed crew XXL. ty
where the hell is the triple gray, someone tag me in this if they add that
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Where are the grey 3 packs?
Are you talking about a book ??????//
Is this in CDN $. you can have them for $50 CDN free shipping if in Canada.
Where? Can you let me know? Thanks,
You can get free shipping from the manufacturer on orders over$99
3-pack gray crew neck or gtfo.
We will have a pack of 3 shades of grey coming out soon!
I got these in a previous drop. I found sizing to be oddly boxy on the torso and sleeves shorter than normal. If I ordered a size down, the torso would be fine, but sleeves would be even shorter. Looks weird.
Yep, the shoulder seems are weird and "square". The shirts are soft and comfortable, but the shoulder seems have a propensity to stick up and look a bit weird.
Mine are sleeping shirts. Too odd of a fit to wear outside or under other shirts.