KWZ Iron Gall Ink (3-Pack)search

KWZ Iron Gall Ink (3-Pack)

KWZ Iron Gall Ink (3-Pack)

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Small Production

Handmade in Poland by ink specialist Konrad Żurawski, KWZ Iron Gall Ink is a remarkable find for those who appreciate color intensity, durability, and small-batch production. Several years ago, driven by a desire to improve the saturation in one of his original inks, Żurawski began working on a formula for iron galls. Now, he makes them in a wide range of vibrant shades—uncommon at a time when modern iron galls are typically limited in color.

Note: On this drop, you'll get 60-milliliter bottles of KWZ iron gall ink. The bottle design has been updated slightly from what's pictured here, and now has a slightly narrower profile, a black cap, and dark glass to prevent deterioration.

At checkout, you’ll have your choice of colors: Aztec Gold, Blue #1, Blue #2, Blue #3, Blue #5, Blue #6, Blue Black, Gold, Green #1, Green #2, Green #3, Green #4, Green Gold, Gummiberry, Mandarin, Orange, Red, Red #3, Turquoise, Violet #2, or Violet #3. 

KWZ Iron Gall Ink (3-Pack)

A Long History

The standard in Europe for more than 1,400 years, declining only in the 20th century, iron gall ink is a true solution with no solid residue suspended in the bottle. The resulting color in KWZ’s modern formula is very bright when wet on the paper, deepening and intensifying as it dries. The inks demonstrate lightfastness and high water resistance. That is, in the event of wetting, the iron gall component remains intact even if the topmost portion of the dye washes away, leaving the text fully legible.

Iron gall ink is compatible with dip and fountain pens, though fountain pen users should take extra care and only pair this ink with pens they use frequently. Additionally, proper cleaning and maintenance can help prevent corrosion within the instrument.

KWZ Iron Gall Ink (3-Pack)


  • Three 60 ml glass bottles
  • Iron gall ink
  • Made in Poland


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