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received and tried them for two days now.

when you use with AMP and listening in high volume level, this thing gets really harsh like other reviewers state. more power you feed in, my ear start to hurt. it gets that harsh.

IMHO, this IEM is great when use it with Bluetooth adapter. good bass amount with good treble details when paired with bluetooth or low power devices. overall for this price, not bad IEM

will review in few weeks.
If you guys want to calm down the ear piercing highs, just get T-500 foam tips.

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Not so much, it's more of a placebo effect. One thing I can tell you, these cables are way, way better than stock, stock cable is too sticky and tangles often.
thanks a lot!
I've been listening to these for the last few days. My first impressions are that these are some really nice iem's. The only issue I have with these are they are not forgiving to tracks that accentuate base or treble. Boomy tracks can sound overwhelmingly boomy and same goes with highs. Sub Bass seems a tad muddy at times but only a tad. Mids seem a tad recessed. I'm not experiencing the screeching treble that others are hearing but that may be a result of my older ears. I definitely would not say these are neutral by any stretch, nor are they monitor quality. They are a very very good fun iem's with a shallow "U" shaped signature. Crystal clear, great separation, good sound stage. For the money an awesome buy. If you are looking for a neutral sound exclusively, pass on these. But if you can enjoy a shallow U shaped sound signature you will enjoy these. Not great for every track you throw at them. But for balanced recordings these iem's shine.
These have ear pierceing highs. Like hurt highs. Maybe my hearing is just super sensitive, but I wish it was toned down. Everything else is good when you have a proper seal in your ear
Of course they do. The 10kHz should be around the same level as 1kHz instead of being 12dB above it. The designers were smoking something or they designed it for people above 70 years old.

Yeah for sure. I jumped on a pair of kz zs10's and the highs are tammed. Definitely sounds different other than highs as well.
Who here can compare the KZ ZS6 to the Macaw GT600s? I only have the latter. Was also on KZ's site on aliexpress and saw that they have a 5 balanced armature driver per channel IEM coming up. It may well be that the ZS6 is a bit of a side-grade to the GT600s, so I might wait for that new flagship KZ is coming up with.
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I will also attest to the ZS6 treble being really sharp. As an example, Def Leppard songs can be a bit painful to listen to without a good equalizer. Any D's, T's, and S's are pretty piercing.
Thanks for the reply. You're right about the ZS10 (which is a hybrid) however I'm talking about the upcoming BA-10 (which is all balanced armature but not out yet as far as I can tell) I haven't yet heard balanced armatures doing the lows, but if KZ pulls off bass and maybe even soundstage that sort of reminds me of the Argons (maybe an unfair comparison given IEMs vs over-ear headphones) then I won't be able to throw my money fast enough at KZ :)
How do these compare to the massdrop x nuforce buds that are going for $60?
I've only tried the nuforce but I highly recommend them. They're super comfortable for me and are really lightweight. Idk this company, but nuforce has really impressed me so far
There's an error in the specs list. These most certainly do not have Active Noise Canceling.
I think they should write it as good noise isolation. Instead of ANC
It doesn't really have that either, lol. They do isolate a bit, but not much.
KZ ZS6 IEM vs. TFZ Series 5 Exclusive IEM?
Can someone do a comparison to the CA Andromeda?
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I am assuming this whole thread is a giant joke... seriously... haha
Give them a break, already. The CA Andromeda and KZ ZS6 must have very similar sound qualities; they are both green, after all.