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Is this quartz movement Swiss made or Swiss parts?
Is this the first time a watch of this type dropped here?

I’m tempted, but if an automatic version, or one with a sapphire crystal, has dropped before, I would rather wait until that comes up again.
Pretty sure the Auto version of this is $800 according to Long Island Watches.
Drop the day date complications, increase the size to 45-47mm like the OG watches were... and I'd buy.
I don't mind the quartz, but wish it was a sapphire crystal. Don't really love the date and day windows. Very oddly placed.
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I'm with you - excited to see a Laco B-type flieger, and am ok with quartz (but would prefer a mechanical hand-wind with sapphire!), however, I could do without the day and date functions. Drop a Steinhart Nav B-uhr and take my $$!
You could always mod a Sapphire onto it. You could probably do it for the $100 savings you make on this deal, and yes, everywhere else is selling this watch for $290. So for the normal price of this watch you could get what you want.
Dang ..... Laco on Massdrop and I have no money! I would so love this watch, hope the drop comes back soon! Want it for a work beater!
I gave up cocaine so i can afford to buy here.
Yes, I am offering up one of my kidneys soon to support the habit
absolutely love the way the ‘b’ fliegers look. think i’m going to pull the trigger on a
stowa over laco, but still good to see on massdrop
Ctrl+P, Ctrl+V Auto vs Quartz comment. Awesome seeing Laco on MD though!
If only it was an automatic... I'm committed to buying a Laco sometime this year, love the way the B-model looks. Hopefully Massdrop does an automatic soon, I'll snatch up a 42mm quickly.
Looks great. If only it was automatic. This bodes well for future drops though if they get some other models. Fingers crossed enough people go for this.
Good to see Laco is on Massdrop :D But, we are waiting more models from Laco.
Ohhh... Only if it wasn't quartz... I was considering the Laco flieger watches but the automatic ones.
It surely does look great though!
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