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Lake People G109 Headphone Amplifier

Lake People G109 Headphone Amplifier

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Amplified Performance

The Lake People G109 headphone amplifier has what it takes to push your audiophile headphones to their very best. Equipped with two ¼” headphone connections on the front panel, this standalone headphone amplifier makes it easy for you to share your music with a friend or conduct a quick A/B test against your newest headphone purchase.

Note: At checkout you will have the option to choose between the G109-S (unbalanced gold-plated RCA inputs) and the G109-P (unbalanced RCAs and balanced XLR inputs) (+$50).

Lake People G109 Headphone Amplifier

Build Features

The G109 sports an internal power supply that feeds an upgraded toroidal power transformer with large filtering capacitors to help keep unwanted noise from entering into the signal path. To insure good channel balance and low crosstalk, this totally discrete amplifier design features an outstanding Alps volume control pot located inside the sleek black anodized aluminum casing. To learn more about the headphone amp, check out this thread on Head-Fi.

Lake People G109 Headphone Amplifier

Power Supplied

Not every portable player and default computer headphone jack has what it takes to fully complement audiophile headphones. The Lake People G109 can take your favorite pair of cans to the next level with more power and shove to improve dynamics, bass impact and overall fidelity than the noisy environments where internal amplification typically takes place. To ensure the best performance with the widest range of headphones, this standalone amplifier also allows for gain switching in three steps.

Lake People G109 Headphone Amplifier


  • Lake People
  • Balanced inputs:  2 RCA connectors (L / R)
  • Impedance: 10 kohms
  • Amplifier Channels:  2 (Stereo)
  • Nominal input level:  + 6 dBu
  • Amplifier gain:  +8, with PRE-GAIN:  +4 / +8 / +14 dB
  • Frequency range:  0 Hz - 150 kHz (-3 dB)
  • Slew Rate:  > 8V / usec
  • Dynamic range:  > 129 dB (A-wtd)
  • Noise:  < -101 dBu (A-wtd)
  • THD+N:
  • < -100 dB @ 10V in 100 Ohms (1W)
  • < -100 dB @ 18V in 600 Ohms (5W)
  • Crosstalk: < -110 / -100 dB (@ 1 / 15 kHz)
  • Max. output level:
  • > 18.8 Veff in 600 ohms = 590 mW
  • > 13.8 Veff in 100 ohms = 1900 mW
  • > 10.7 Veff in 50 ohms = 2300 mW
  • > 7.8 Veff in 50 ohms = 1900 mW
  • > 3.7 Veff in 16 ohms = 410 mW
  • Outputs:  2  x  1/4" phone jacks
  • Power supply:  115 VAC / 8 VA
  • Case Dimensions:  168 x 49 x 145 mm (W x H x D)
  • Case Material:  black anodized aluminum


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