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Any chance to get this drop again? Also, can anyone share how it looks like inside? Is the USB port on the side or at the center?
Bought one for my phantom, doesn't have enough clearance, Was thinking of maybe trying to make an acrylic spacer for it but idk. The switch plate from Mech keyboards i have on my phantom is also loose in this case :C. Otherwise very solid and nice, even game with a usb breakout board for the port.
What did you end up doing? I assume there wasn't enough room for the teensy?
There is clearance room in the case, but it's opposite from the side the teensy is mounted, i was thinking of desoldering the teensy (I already had a plate/pcb/switches soldered which made figuring out what to do a little harder) and then hand wiring some wires to the teensy pads and just having the teensy sit where there would be enough clearance. As for the loose plate i noticed there were some holes where the phantom pcb and plate had consistent with the top frame of the case, so if i had some 2.5m screws i could screw the switch plate against the bottom of the top case effectively holding it there. However when i was desoldering i accidently knocked an smd capacitor or fuse from my teensy @.@ so i haven't tried the hand wiring approach. I did go ahead and start designing a poorly routed tkl pcb to fit both this lambo case and phantom plate from mechanicalkeyboards but it needs some finalizing and a prototype run to double check x3
Selling a titanium gray off the most recent drop if anyone is interested.
pm me u/yanfali on reddit
interested too if still available pls pm u/ricsonchua
I ordered Titanium Gray, but the on that I got is more like a Dark Blue?
Could anyone who ordered Titanium Gray give us their color feedback?
Anyone knows if this fits the mk disco?
Just got mine. Two issues. There are two large scratches at the front of the case. Also, I have a set of hex tools but none of them fits the screws in this case. The screw is super small. What is the SIZE of this HEX so I can get the proper tool?

Will this work?

I buy this case for mistake. I thought this is keyboard. So i want to sell this for $160.
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sent an email
sorry, gave my friend as a gift.
Feel like this should be much less expensive.
I scrolled through the comments here and saw this was asked, but not really elaborated on. Does anyone here have a better word on this fitting a KBParadise V80?
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I've joined this drop and also own the V80 with a Tex black aluminum case. Might sell the Tex case if the Lambo works.
if i remember correctly, it does fit. i had one but i use a filco for it. the v80 has the same plate style/sizing as a filco as i've been able to use the v80 in other metal filco replacement cases. @Nurbs
Hey everyone,
We just heard from iQunix and they have let us know that there has been a production delay. Apologies for the inconvenience, new estimated shipping date should be reflected shortly.
Any chance we can get another drop for this?
sure - we'll work on it with iQunix