Lambo 80% Anodized Aluminum Case for Filco 87 TKLsearch

Lambo 80% Anodized Aluminum Case for Filco 87 TKL

Lambo 80% Anodized Aluminum Case for Filco 87 TKL

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Anyone encountered this gap? This is a Quickfire Rapid so I guess Filco owners will not encounter this :(
My best Massdrop experience yet. I already received the case after being notified that it was sent our for shipping on 10th of July (Asia Pacific timezone)
Item has no scratches but it has some cnc fluid stains which is expected I guess. lovely case nevertheless!
Any reason why his case will NOT fit the Plum 87 keyboard? Anybody tried it already? Thanks!
No red color like the 60%???
Are there any cases for full-sized Filcos? My Majestouch 2 badly needs a cool case :(
That first render picture with those keycaps though
Anyone know roughly how often this drops? Really looking forward to grabbing a silver one.
Looks like today is your lucky day.
Just got my lambo 80 last week. I can't seem to identify the correct tool to use to unscrew the case. Went to the local hardware store and nothing worked. Saw the post from 44 weeks ago that mentioned M2.5. I tried that and down to M2.0. Even that was too large.

How do you get this darn thing open?
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I used a small hex wrench (unsure of exact size - was part of a computer repair kit I had). Didn't feel ideal but worked. Be careful not to strip loosening and tightenen minimally when installing. Screws seemed of high quality from what I could tell but don't need much torque so don't risk stripping.
Thanks Fred. Went to another hardware store and found the correct size. It's A 1.5 mm hex key.
Anyone else who has received theirs notice scratches on the top surface? The largest one in the attached photos is near the backspace top-right. There are about a dozen scratches on top in total, none on the sides, and the bottom just has a few. Definitely disappointed at this price point, and caution future purchases despite overall build quality and feel being superior. I do not regret the purchase, but expected perfection.
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You're completely correct. I'll reach out and revise my post here accordingly. I just hope that ultimately Massdrop doesn't take the hit. I'd be happy with $20-40 in future keycap credit, because I have zero faith in this Lambo company producing a quality replacement considering how few of these they actually made in the first place for this drop and managed to mess up.
I don't see any scratches on mine, it's quite pristine. Very happy with it.

Can someone post a picture of the opening with the USB connector? Trying to figure out if a Type C breakout would fit.
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Disappointed, but glad I asked before spending.
FYI, a photo trying to insert an actual USB C cable (does not fit):

If anyone is curious... KBParadise V80 Silent Cherry Blacks, with EnjoyPBT keycaps.

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How does the USB port / cable work w/ the V80 and this case? I'm considering this for my V80 w/ silent blacks as well.
Sorry for the late reply! Works 100% fine, no issues at all. Even has some room for thin foam padding inside to reduce metallic pings.