LAMY Studio Fountain Pen w/ 14K Gold Nibsearch

LAMY Studio Fountain Pen w/ 14K Gold Nib

LAMY Studio Fountain Pen w/ 14K Gold Nib

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If you're considering this pen because you want to try a Lamy gold nib I would say go with the Lamy 2k, you can find it cheaper on amazon and I would argue that you're getting better quality.
I recently got one of the new two nibs from Lamy on an LX and I was extremely disappointed with the nibs dryness. The Lamy 2k however is one of my favorite pens of all time. Buttery smooth and by far the best work horse pen you'll ever own. It out performs all my other gold nibs.
Do you think you could provide a pic of the pen while closed? And I may have missed it but the specs note "pocket clip" which is not pictured, is it? No idea where that is or what it looks like.
It's the clip on the cap of the pen that would hold it in your pocket. Some pens (see e.g. the drop for Ensso Piuma) are made clipless for whatever reason.
The price for the current drop is too high for this pen. Sure, it has a 14K nib, but MB just had an L2K drop for $20.00 less than this a couple of weeks ago. Sure, the Studio is a steel body vs Makrolon, but that's not quite the point, now is it.

If it were $99.99, then we could have a conversation.
Sorry.. i just received this pen from Massdrop.
This is my first time having this pen... but i noticed that there's a whole piece of rubber with a small gold screw inside the box... how and where can I put this piece of rubber into? the cap? currently the cap is totally loose... can someone help? Thanks
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What was the result??
Got a full refund. I guess case closed.
What does this mean: "the Studio generates a consistent ink flow that requires only occasional adjusting for an optimal writing experience"

I've never heard of adjusting the ink flow of a pen. Can someone explain?
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FWIW, I have never once had to adjust the flow of this pen. Never had a hard start or a skip.
basically means the pen is not a workhorse pen you can rely on LOL
I purchased several different fountain pens through Massdrop recently, including Grifos, Italix, and Pelikan. This one is by far the best writing pen of all of them. The Lamy ink that I ordered with it is very nice, too, and even comes with a built-in roll of cotton blotters to ensure a clean extraction of ink into the converter. Substantial, heavy, durable, not too think, cool to the touch. Converter works well, too. I highly recommend this pen.
I've been checking to track the shipping since I got the notification that my pen was shipped 5 days ago, but I'm only seeing that the label has been created. Is anyone else getting the same?
Same here initially, but as of this morning it shows in transit. ETA 3/28.
Yes I got an update from Massdrop too regarding the shipping. ETA is tomorrow so I'm pretty excited!
$65 aprox on
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Oh sorry I thought the Studio was always 14k Now I know.
No problem glad to clear up confusion :3
Would be in for a EF nib...This is a great looking pen.
Call me crazy, but who in the world would pay $120 for a pen?
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Someone who writes a lot by hand.
There's quite a lot of us in the world. And it definitely doesn't stop at 120.