LattePanda Windows 10 Mini PC 4GB/64GBsearch

LattePanda Windows 10 Mini PC 4GB/64GB

LattePanda Windows 10 Mini PC 4GB/64GB

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Latest news is that Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) is now officially supported , however there are hardware version requirements that I don't know the hardware in this drop meets. Also, it just went GA a few months ago, so there are bound to be a bug or three remaining.

Honestly, the 100mb NIC is a deal killer for me. Still looking at the XU4 for lightweight servers, HC2 for NAS, and TinkerBoard S for desktop. Obviously, closed-source, proprietary OSes aren't my thing.
Do I need to build it or is it plug and play
Has anyone here tried running Linux on this thing? I'm wondering if it works out of the box or needs kernel patches and/or drivers. The documentation I've found so far seems mixed.
So many looking to play with a cutting edge tech toy yet stumbling over simple OS licensing issues. You will get what you paid for or LP, PP, or your CC will correct it. Any trouble after that with activation is easily defeated by Windows Loader, current version is 2.2.2. PPp
Bought one last time around. Bear in mind that they have wondows installed but not activated, so you will have to pay for a Windows licence. Love mine! Very quiet, bought an aluminium case and small fan for it, runs great. I use mine as a media pc and for that application it works wonderfully
The Alpha is > double the price tho.
Can it run Win7 ? as in the drivers are available ?
Has anyone tried running freedos on this?
freedos should be able to run on ATOM processors.

Here's a topic about installing linux on it.

You may be able to run linux or even windows with docker and DOSBox with docker.

Maybe also linux + QEMU
What's the sound output with this? Is there digital out for sound? Like SPIDIF? Analog?
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Check out tech specs on there's a forum for FQA and discussions.
Thank you. I actually have already done that. It seems USB is probably the best solution for me if I bought one. And I may. I had ruled it out, until someone on YouTube showed me this last night.

It's a Linux based audiophile OS that has some great features. I could output it via USB, directly to my Scott Nixon USB Tube DAC/external linear power supply set. And if it's not great. I could get a USB Reclocker/Regency maybe. And add a linear power supply too obviously. No paying for Windows this way too.

I'm not sure though. As nice as that would be, and as easy as it would be to use. An Allo USBridge kit with a linear power supply would most definitely give better sound quality. Just not sure how better. And there's plenty of good software too. Just not as simple to use, and probably not as stable. Certainly not as powerful. The Allo Sparky that comes with the kit is good, but not great. And needs an external WiFi dongle. Or I'll have to use a powerline network connection to the ethernet.
If it had the ability to add an additional Wired NIC, I'd be curious about using it for a PFsense box but ahh well.
I looked up prices for this one in my country and its ridiculous. 230 dollars for the same board.

Guess its a bargain for me in south korea.
quad core... hmm can this be made in to NAS server?
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If you can still find it at regular price, going with a HP Proliant Microserver Gen8 is a much better option for a NAS. Get one and slap xpenology on it and you're done.
maybe the latest Alpha board can. Check out tech specs on there's a forum for FQA and discussions.
What is the stock IO on this?
Lol you can get this with bitcoin and its only $35
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Do you have torbrowser?
already not interested. Pretty much anything that involves tor is too edgy and shady for me