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Lawless Craft Jerky (3-Pack)

Lawless Craft Jerky (3-Pack)

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Tender 100% Grass-Fed Beef in 3 Bold Flavors

Inspired snackers, meat lovers, and flavor seekers, you’re in for a treat: Lawless Craft Jerky doesn’t mess around when it comes to beef. Every piece you tear into is made from 100-percent grass-fed beef, which is more sustainable (when cows mow the lawn for you, you don’t need a machine), more healthy (unlike processed jerky, it’s loaded with heart-healthy omega 3s), more humane (grass-fed cows graze in open environments, without being cramped in stalls), and of course, more delicious (nature intended cows to live on a natural diet of fresh grass and exercise). These three bold flavors run the gamut—from a one-two punch of spice and sweet with the Mango Habañero to the oniony sweetness of the Aloha Teriyaki to the ginger twang of the Sweet Sriracha. Each flavor is complemented by a soft piece of beef that’s full of flavor in and of itself. If you care about what’s in your food, you can’t go wrong with Lawless.

Note: At checkout, choose a 3-pack of Aloha Teriyaki, Mango Habañero, or Sweet Sriracha; or get a variety pack with one of each flavor.


  • Lawless Craft Jerky
  • 100% beef from New Zealand grass-fed cattle
  • 100% all natural
  • Gluten free
  • No preservatives, coatings, additives, nitrates/nitrites, or added hormones


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