LCKT Flippin' Spinner V2 - Brass or Stainless Steelsearch

LCKT Flippin' Spinner V2 - Brass or Stainless Steel

LCKT Flippin' Spinner V2 - Brass or Stainless Steel

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

All orders have officially shipped as of yesterday. You should receive tracking information from Massdrop soon; if not then you should be receiving your orders within the next few days. Thanks again to everyone who backed! We're working on planning what to do with the next one. Be sure to either follow @lake_county_knife_and_tool or @flippinspinners to get the fastest updates on production and future drops!
Payment has finalized, all V2 orders are assembled, and we're just waiting for the prepaid shipping labels from Massdrop which means we should hopefully be shipping on Monday morning. I'll be sure to update if anything changes and most importantly when things ship! Like a previous comment mentioned they will be shipped in the new packaging!
Stay tuned and thank you all for the support and patience with these drops. You're all amazing and I can't thank you all enough!!!!
Can we be expecting another drop coming soon?
I'm hoping that machining will complete soon for the V3 'multi-tool' model and I can then start setting up another drop for the V2s which will include the long awaited Copper variant! But I'm still waiting unfortunately. I'll be sure to update the second I know more, however!
Appreciate the comment!
Well i hope to see it again soon. Been wanting this for a fair bit but just missed the drop. The price is pretty pricy so wanted to hit the drop to save a couple bucks.
Just received mine. Thank you for this amazing flippin spinners lckt x massdrops. Definately my fav spinner as it can flips like karambit and also spins smoothly.
Thank you so much for your comment I'm so happy you enjoy it :)
I want this.
I got mine from last drop, but it's too big for my hands. Brass with brass caps. Letting it go for $50 + $8 shipping. Used 2 minutes. Post if interested! @mayorblurps@zombiologist
You may want to update the MSRP of $50 or the Massdrop price of $63.99... one of them seem to be wrong. :)
Everything should be sorted out with the drop information now! Apologies for any confusion there everybody. Just wanted to show the new packaging options for the drop. It will come in a stout box with soft cushion, along with birth certificate, some instructions, and a complimentary vile of threadlocker in case you wish to swap out the bearing for something of your own and secure it in place.
Thank you to everyone who pledged before we relisted it, we'll honor your checkout price no worries. Thank you to anyone joining now as well, and thanks for looking at my work :)
Hey Everyone. Pricing was setup wrong and has now been corrected. Members who already ordered will get the price they were quoted at checkout. New orders will pay the updated pricing. Thanks to everyone who joined this drop.
Bummer on the price increase.
It's actually the same price as the last drops, it's just the structure changed so the price you see initially is with the custom bearing caps whereas last time it only showed the base price of ~$39.99 with an option at checkout for caps for an additional $20. So still the same, just a little different is all. Terribly sorry for the confusion! The people who got in before it was altered will have their checkout price honored as well.
I really like the idea of this spinner as I find myself twirling things on my finger like key rings a lot. I guess this way you get the best of both worlds. And as a nail biter, if this could help me avoid that, I'm definitely in. I committed at the lowest price for brass but looks like we might not get there... Should I jump on it now before the drop ends? Been a while since I joined a drop that didn't make it to the lowest price.
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Well dang guys!! I like copper best but I want this thing sooner. I guess I'll stick with brass for now 😀
Many thanks for the support! Means the world to me :) This batch will ship with the new packaging boxes as well as complimentary loctite if you feel like swapping your bearings out.
Got both V1 and V2 and my V2 is extremely loose compared - the bearing almost wants to pop out just from spinning. It easily comes out compared to the V1.
I did notice the finishing work (polishing, etc) to be more pronounced than in the V1 which I humbly think may have made it wider on the inside making the bearing "rattle" inside
Got the other two in brass and was thinking of a SS but now i'm rethinking it..
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Yes that is what is preferred and written on the instructions :) I'm trying to source sample packs of loctite to include with orders.
Troll much? Why do you even bother to post or remain a member of Massdrop?
We're back and with Stainless as an option! Fulfillment says around august but just like the last drop we'll be shooting for mid July or earlier. Thank you to everyone to gets in on this deal!
any reason for the pricing on this drop being much lower than the drop from a month ago? it was $39.99 + $20 for brass caps in the last drop, whereas this drop has the caps included in the checkout price
Thanks for letting us know, I'll ask Massdrop if the checkout process has changed and get back to you. It should be + $20 for caps. Waiting to hear back from them on the details.
Edit: Just received an email from others saying they're not being charged for caps as well, definitely not intended it was supposed to be the same as the last drop. We'll get this sorted out. Sorry for the confusion everybody!
All orders ship tomorrow or the following day. Either way everyone is shipping this week before the weekend and 15 days early! Spent today cleaning, assembling, and packaging so tomorrow will be sorting and final packaging for shipment. Thanks for the patience everyone, I hope you enjoy! If you missed out on this one keep an eye out in a week or so for the next drop which will include Stainless.


All orders have officially shipped, you should receive notification from Massdrop within a couple days.
Thanks for the patience and support everyone,
Machines are running! Here's some progress shots showing the fixture, the bar they start as, about 70% done, and a finished body. Here's some cutting action as well:
Hoping to be done in a couple days!

All bodies are completed I'll update everyone once they're fully cleaned, assembled, and we start looking to ship!
Update 1!
Funds have officially cleared so this week we begin production! Materials were already ordered last week as well so we're expecting to set up the machines tomorrow to begin production on the spinners. We're shooting for them being finished on Saturday and maybe getting out to everyone the week after. But we will have to correlate all of that with Massdrop's logistics department and see how quick we can get those shipping labels over once we're ready to fulfill.
Stay tuned and I'll be sure to update again once we're further along,.
Looks like a spinner and brass knuckles had a baby. This just looks too cool - I guess I am going to have to go in on this.
Here's a great video on what sets this spinner apart from other fidget toys! Think Karambit but no terrifying people ;)
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Thank you, that was very helpful. I wonder what the price differences will be between each of them. If they are all the same price, I will probably get the brass one :)
From the previous posts Ryan of LCKT, it seems the steel will be 5$ more due to difficulty of machining relative to brass/copper. However, it all comes down to number of people who commit to the drop. I'd say it's a bit of a crap shoot as far as what the prices will be, so buy which ever one you think you'll enjoy the most! That's whats most important, ya know!
$39 for a spinner and extra for caps is excessive.
I'd say that's quite subjective, especially considering US makers with much larger followings than me sell them for $100-200/ea. But it is still a considerable amount for a toy, but it's a US custom made toy. Thank you for your comment!
And why do you make them to spin for that short time? I get the fidget purpose but I personaly prefer spinners that spin for a longer time cause they feel like they spin faster and smoother
Mostly as you said for the fidget purpose. I've never seen the appeal to long spinning toys that just doesn't stop the need to fidget. Big second is cos and ease of replacement for the customer. Can find skate bearings anywhere and they're nice and reliable. Third is the grease, a lot of people have complained about noise spinners make. With the stock grease these spin dead silent and without will spin a minute at the very least with breakins over 2 minutes. I think that's more than enough time to spin something.
Thanks for the comments!
how do you change the bearing?
Is the bearing pressfit in? It would be awesome if I could swap it to a r188 using adaptor.
No the bearings are held in place by the tight tolerances of the machining process. You can push them out with your fingers with some force and replace them with whatever you see fit :)
I wonder if all the people who bought that Chinese machine made triangle are kicking themselves for not ordering something this nice.
"...not ordering something this nice." So you're insinuating that the "Chinese machine made triangle" is definitely worse (by at least a magnitude from the way you worded it) than this spinner. Yet, the "Chinese machine made triangle" is yet to be released, nor have any persons (besides the designer) had the opportunity to use it. Now, I'm not doubting the quality of this product. I'm doubting your confidence that that product is that much worse than this one.
Although not nearly as bad as the "why would someone pay X for product Y" post, but this post is nearly as bad as it does something very similar. It insults a person because they decided to spend money on a product you feel is overpriced.
I should also add, they don't need to be kicking themselves, no cards have been charged yet. They can simply cancel walk away from that drop and go support this one. Or they can support them both.
No stainless steel version?
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Pst.. Maybe one in Damascus? I would LOVE that. :)
.... Or Damascus buttons?
@Lakecountyknifeandtool $20 for the caps is very, very steep. I would have enjoyed seeing an option for a cheaper cap, even if you would have sourced them out of Asia for a buck a piece (Asian manufacturer make very nice ones, I have some, even the rainbow ones, and you,d be surprised at what you get for a buck or two).
To save $20 (really, that corresponds to a premium of 50% over the purchase price) I would have opted for non-machined, mass-made caps.
I'm bummed about the caps, but I am buying the spinner anyways, even if I already have too many!
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Understood, and I went for them too, in the end! This beautiful spinner merits its original caps. I was just hoping for a better price on them...
I commend you keeping it in the USA.
Does this spin silently?
With the stock bearings and grease it's dead silent. With grease removed for increased spin times its noisy if placed on a desk but still silent in hand. If you switch to ceramic bearings it gets noisier.
Hope this helps!
Is the V2 still running a 608 bearing?
Correct :)
ok this one looks pretty cool BUT I'M STILL NOT GETTING A FIDGET SPINNER
Lol thanks for the laugh :D
Hello again everyone just want to clear some things up with the new upgraded V2 spinners!
These are fully CNC made in the USA with US materials and will spin for a minute with stock bearings. The reason the numbers say "20sec to 1min" is because I ship the bearings with grease in them to prevent any corrosion of the bearing or races during shipment. Simple ISO or Acetone rinse and these spin for a minute at the least.
The bearings are held in by the tight tolerances of machining process. Meaning you can easily remove and replace the bearing at any time for one of your own. Instructions will come with your spinner for advice on securing it in place as well.
We expect no hiccups for this drop at all. All parts get finished in one shop so there is no room for a logistical mistake or parts that don't fit. There's great confidence that we will get these shipped out a week after payment goes through and we can get these to everyone way before June 30th.
Thanks everyone and thank you for supporting my upgraded FlippinSpinner!
Just wanted to say that the V2 is awesome!
This comes with no caps unless added on, just a bearing?
Bummer. Thanks for the reply.
Where's the drop?
It is now live!