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Legendary Audio I.C.E. Plugin

Legendary Audio I.C.E. Plugin

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Restoration Plugin for Audio Processing

A new software plugin from Legendary Audio and Sonic Studio, I.C.E. (which stands for “in case of emergency”) is designed to clean up a variety of problems in your recordings, and can be used to sculpt your audio as well. Remove or reduce distortion, eliminate harshness, correct overload, and more. Other recorded flaws might include hot spots, overmodulation, sibilance, resonant bass frequencies, out-of-control cymbals, and a generally unpleasant overall tone—and with I.C.E., you can tackle them all. Built by the esteemed programming team responsible for soundBlade and other high-end digital products, this plugin is available as AU/VST/AAX for OS X and Windows VST.

Legendary Audio I.C.E. Plugin
Legendary Audio I.C.E. Plugin
Legendary Audio I.C.E. Plugin

What I.C.E. Can Do

The I.C.E. plugin incorporates innovative techniques from Legendary Audio’s veteran engineer, Billy Stull. Here’s one way he used it to solve his client’s audio problems: “A well-known band from Mexico loved the master of its new single. The band’s only request was to take a little bottom end off the kick drum, without losing any of the bass guitar. Using the I.C.E., I accomplished the request in about 10 seconds.” And another: “A pop artist asked me to reduce the high end of the snare drum on one song by 25 percent—without changing anything else about the vocals and other elements. I had already used I.C.E. to make the bass guitar consistent in this mix, and used it again to accomplish this request in about 10 seconds.”

To learn more about I.C.E. and how it can help you, visit this page.

Legendary Audio I.C.E. Plugin


  • Legendary Audio
  • AU/VST/AAX plugin
  • Runs on: Intel-based Mac, OS X 10.6.8 and later, Avid AAX-format OS X, Windows VST
  • Digital audio workstations tested: soundBlade 2.2, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools 10 and 11, Reaper


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