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Legendary: Marvel Deckbuilding Game Bundle

Legendary: Marvel Deckbuilding Game Bundle

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Avengers Assemble

There are myriad deck-building games on the market, but few sets let you cull from the mightiest heroes of the universe. A cooperative game that has you pitting Spider-Man, Wolverine, and other Marvel heroes against their most diabolical foes, the Upper Deck Legendary Bundle lets you live out your favorite comic books without resorting to action figures.

Note: This bundle includes the base game as well as four expansion sets: Dark City, Fantastic Four, Paint the Town Red, and Guardians of the Galaxy. There are also three limited edition promotional cards included in the bundle. There are 10 bundles available in this drop.

Legendary: Marvel Deckbuilding Game BundleLegendary: Marvel Deckbuilding Game Bundle

Marvel Team-Up

After you select and shuffle together several hero decks, pick a mastermind villain to go up against and get started on saving the world. As you progress, you recruit additional hero cards, do battle with minor villains, and gather enough strength for the ultimate showdown. If you ever wondered what it’d look like if Thor and Deadpool teamed up to defeat Red Skull, quit marveling at your imagination and get yourself in the game.

Legendary: Marvel Deckbuilding Game Bundle

Guard the Galaxy

In addition to the base game, we are including four expansion sets that introduce new heroes, villains, and master schemes to keep gameplay fresh. Now, you’ll have Ghost Rider and Starlord ready to gear up against Apocalypse or Galactus, just to name a few of the new recruits.

Legendary: Marvel Deckbuilding Game Bundle


  • Upper Deck
  • For 1 to 5 players
  • Suggested age: 14 and up
  • Playing time: 45 minutes


Base Game

  • Rulebook
  • Game board
  • 500 cards
  • 60 dividers

Expansion Sets

  • Dark City
  • Fantastic Four
  • Paint the Town Red
  • Guardians of the Galaxy

Limited Edition Promotional Cards

  • Green Goblin
  • Hulk Smash
  • Thwip


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