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If someone plays in FHD the reviews for this thing are pretty good and this price is quite fair. I looked at getting one that came as part of a Lenovo Razer package (Y27RE and Y900RE) but backed out because of price and the 1080FE that came with the Y900RE. Don't kid yourself if you play on ultra settings and outside of certain really optimized games like Overwatch you will need some GPU might to run this thing at a high refresh rate.
Hmmm...1080p is where I lost interest.
Lacking 2k resolution makes this rather outdated, especially at 27 inches. I doubt it's actual MSRP is 600. 600 is near the price of the 27 inch 1440p gsync IPS-type monitors from Acer. Get some Acer stuff on here.
Would have been a slick deal for curved 1440p. Hold up, I'm on MD.

I was hoping that it was 1440p too and wanted to see what the community had to say about this drop.
Nope, 1920X1080 is 4 times less dense than 3840X2160.
2K is 2560-1440
2K is also about 3440P-1080 (Ultrawide 1080P).
And 3440-1440- is about a bit less than 4K but much higher than 2K.
Howdy Everyone,

Just to give you a preview on this drop. We will be relaunching it very soon at a much lower price than before. I hope everyone interested gets to take advantage of this deal.

I like pretty much everything about this monitor and was this close >||< to going all in, until I saw the resolution. If it isn't 2560x1440p, I lose interest. I have been looking for non-TN panel reasonably priced 1440p curved G-Sync monitor for some time. When I saw this, I was hopeful, then came the 1920x1080 spec and that ended the excitement.
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Unfortunately you're waiting for a monitor that doesn't exist, reasonably priced or not, currently. The SVA curved panel doesn't come in 1440p until 32" which is basically the same pixel density as 24" 1080p.
24" 1080p/1440p 32" is still much sharper than a 27" 1080p
Even though this definitely isn't worth it this is the first G-Sync monitor I've seen on Massdrop, so that alone makes me happy it's here after tons and tons of FreeSync monitors. Maybe we'll start seeing more G-Sync ones.
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run enough gpu and you dont need freesync or gsync.. I run a 2560x1440 144hz freesync monitor with a gtx1080 and I dont go below 144fps.. Hovers around 150-180 fps in bf4, Star Wars Battlefront, Heros&Generals all on ultra settings.... You can also run Adaptive Sync, look in to it..
"Adaptive Sync" is Free-Sync and G-Sync. The technology keeps your refresh rate synced with the FPS (frames per second). Running at a high and stable FPS can limit tearing and stutter but it won't eliminate it. Most modern 3D games FPS will fluctuate depending on a number of things. If you have adaptive sync, the monitor constantly changes the refresh rate to the FPS on the fly.
This is not a deal at all, lol.
The Dell S2716DG/DGR is frequently available at this price point or less (it was $349 at Best Buy a couple weeks ago). That monitor is 1440p/144 Hz, G-Sync, and has four USB ports and two 3.5mm audio pass-through jacks. It's a TN panel but one of the best I've ever seen - with some calibration, it looks darn close to IPS. Plus it doesn't have the Z0MG G4M3R aesthetic that similar Acer and Asus monitors have.

The only reason to consider this Lenovo is if you want the curved screen, though I fail to see the point of such a feature on a non-ultrawide.
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Panel is A01.
That's another bad one. If you still have the monitor, I would contact Dell and ask for a replacement.
Here come the monitor elitists.
"Only 1080p? lol"
"If it were 1440p I would buy"
*1440p version drops few days later*
"That costs too much"

Edit: Just reiterating what happens every time a new monitor is dropped.

I clarify in replies.
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That’s where the game price values are! If I bought a GTX 1060, what would be the killer game that would also show off great max settings at 4k and over 60 FPS? Those games may be out there, I genuinely don’t know. But I think 3 hardware generations aren’t enough to “completely change the game” on a whole new level, so to speak. I’m not showing off Fallout 4 mods on YouTube, BattleField 1 doesn’t have THAT high of a graphics card requirement (I don‘t like this game anyway, or CoD on PC), Overwatch will run on a potato, StarCraft is pretty light, LoL and similar is pretty light, the last Crysis was made during the GTX 660 cycle, I heard the new Tomb Raider isn’t as good as the new one... I genuinely don’t find myself craving a particular new 2D game, but playing my “older” games with tons of meat on the bones and a g-sync refresh rate could be nice.

G-Sync even helps prevent tearing in frame rates between 30-60 frame rates if I turn off V-Sync, right? So, that’s good for “new” games that my current card can’t push to max settings.

My next graphics card would be for a smooth VR experience, so at least one more card generation to bring the $250 price performance up. Probably would be ready for a whole new computer build by then. And then, not as much worry about a flatscreen monitor, eh?

Open invitation for must-play game recommendations!
i dont mean my comment as an attack on you. i mean it as an attack on the market as it stands now. it's just unfortunate for you as a retailer and us as consumers that this is the best price for this set of specs.
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