Lenovo Curved NVIDIA G-Sync 144Hz Gaming Monitorsearch

Lenovo Curved NVIDIA G-Sync 144Hz Gaming Monitor

Lenovo Curved NVIDIA G-Sync 144Hz Gaming Monitor

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Please bring this back
too bad they cheaped out with 1080. i was about to buy :(
If only it was 1440p...
In the netherlands this one is 600 euros that is around 700 dollars
This monitor had terrible reviews on Amazon.
Quick google search and I found for $289...
That's for the freesync version, i found the same. The gsync is a little above $300 from newegg
Do they have a 32" 2560x1440 144Hz VA/IPS panel with G-Sync at a less than $500 price point? I'd buy that. I haven't had a 1080p monitor since 2013, and I'm not going back just for extra frames and adaptive sync technology.
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I guess I should make my point clear: there's like 0.00001% of all PC users who has any need for gsync. So Nvidia couldn't care less about making it more affordable since it won't affect its bottom-line one bit, in fact, the opposite may be true.
Ghosting is just 1 of many issues I had with the Viotek monitor I bought and returned.
1080p? Barf. I'll wait for the Dell S2716dg to go on sale for $350 again. With how long Massdrop deal take to ship, if probably still get the Dell first
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Did you just say 4K? And at 1080p, I would be pulling well over 250 frames in OW. I can certainly hit 144 in almost every game if it is properly optimized. Shit, I’d probably hit close to 144 in Wildlands 1080p.

You also forget that graphics cards are not the problem at higher framerates and lower resolutions - the CPU bottleneck is usually what will hold you back in newer games.

You show all the characteristics of somebody who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.
Hahaha, clearly I don't know what I'm talking about as you didn't read my original comment. Good luck getting anywhere close to 144fps in Wildlands at 1080p without lowering settings. At Medium-High settings, sure you'll average 125fps with dips into 90s but at Ultra you'll be struggling to maintain 60fps. And in 4K, you'll be in the 40fps with dips into the high 20's and low 30's. IDK why you're trying to turn this into an argument as I run benchmarks of my own on on every preset then use custom settings to get the best graphics while maintaining a decent framerate.

Obviously you'll be CPU bound at lower resolutions as the CPU has to process the frames. And the higher you go in resolution the more GPU dependent you become. Some people go for performance, others flat out go for visuals. Personally, I desire both as I mainly play in VR where 90fps is the minimum targeted framerate without ending up using ASW or Multiprojection, where your FPS is locked to 45fps and smoothed out to maintain somewhat of a decent experience.
A headphone stand near the bottom of the display? Would think they need to be higher up for most full sized cans. Would also rather have it on the right side for my current setup.
VA panel tho :/
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VA is capable of offering 1MS response times. If there is a VA option - I would never go with a TN panel. Unless you are on the pro scene there really is not reason to get a TN anymore unless you just can't afford the few extra for the VA.
Aye. Which is why I recommend avoiding TN and going VA.
If this was 1440p I'd be all over this. TBH my Dell 2716DG has been very solid in it's performance and pretty much no issues, especially when deep sleep mode is disabled.
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I have a sample on its way which I'm considering listing on Massdrop. Mainly because all the "IPS" monitors I could find were actually "IPS like" or G-Sync. I don't want a bloody g-sync monitor!
27", 2K, 144Hz, IPS (4ms) Freesync monitors are damn near impossible to find. And when I find them, they are $1300 NZD. I have a barebones one on the way that I've spec'd for my liking. Thin bezels, good I/O, for under $1000 NZD. But I'm not sure if ordering 500 of them would be a good idea if they didn't sell.
You really should check out the Nixeus EDG 27" for a FreeSync 1440p option with IPS technology. They even occasionally offer drops on MD here for it at very affordable pricing (sub-$500) and I bought it for $499 on Newegg when it first came out. Link here: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/nixeus-edg-27-ips-wqhd-freesync-144hz-monitor?utm_placement=1&referer=6PBM99&mode=guest_open&utm_campaign=Automated%20Daily%20Promotional%202018-04-27&utm_source=SparkPost&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Daily%20Promotional&utm_content=1524822073547.354870422634276439024560