Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 460 Touchscreensearch

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 460 Touchscreen

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 460 Touchscreen

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This is so expensive
Quiet pricey for an older CPU and 4Mb of memory! This model has took a 30-40% price drop in the last month so the massdrop price isn't really negotiated deal. Kind feels like someone (company) took their products to massdrop to try dump products. I wish massdrop better identify these.
My 2012 Macbook Pro just got stolen from me (sad face). I need to replace it but have been out of the laptop game for years. What's a great alternative to this at least a similar pricepoint but for a better deal? I want at least 8gb of RAM and definitely a better videocard processor.
act quickly. its only a 940MX, but its better than nothing.
Got something similar for my mom at BB except it wasn't a "Thinkpad".. Lenovo Yoga something -- I used to love Thinkpad's, they were built like tanks, reliable, buying anything else didn't cross my mind (for a work laptop at least).

Didn't even know this existed, the latest Thinkpad I bought was a T61something and that was technically Lenovo.

I don't know what this gives you over buying a cheaper "Lenovo Yoga" 2-in-1 laptop w/ better specs. Build quality and keyboard are all that come to mind?

you'd hope better accuracy on the touchscreen / pressure levels / stylus precision etc and better spec'd monitor? some stuff to look into if you're thinking of making this purchase.
The Lenovo superfish issues were resolved like two years ago. Any model shipped from Lenovo after mid 2015 doesn't have it. Like I get Lenovo screwed up on that, but two-year old issues aren't really relevant to what's for purchase here. Or am I missing something?
Mass drop can you also work on operating as a brokerage for technology shares? For example I would buy 20 shares of nvidia for $80us and Im sure a lot of these nerds would too.
20 shares for $80 or 20 shares at $80 each? Also, I don't even think that's possible, let alone feasible for Massdrop. I would absolutely by those shares at either price.
20 shares at $80 each. $1600 is feasible with an options contract but they need to buy puts on options. Anyway looks like amd shareholders were let down today.
Does this come with the stylus?
Stylus is shown in the pic but the pics could be generic.
Best bet is to ask MD for the machine type and look at the latest Lenovo PSREF sheet to get the complete list of specs.


  • AC adapter
  • Battery
  • Lenovo 1-Year Warranty
I wouldn't trust that thing as far as I could throw it, as far as I'm concerned, Lenovo's reputation is sub-zero after all of that non-removable baked-in BIOS rootkit nonsense.

Massdrop, if you're listening, let's get some *reputable* machine manufacturers on board, this CAN'T be good for you guys... I can assure you I'll never touch a Lenovo product for as long as I'm able to buy my own hardware.
If it had a dedicated graphics, it would'vet been considerable.
It's actually very similar to the Yoga 510 I brought a few months ago, which starts with 8GB of RAM and has a built-in Ethernet port and is also lighter. Only downside is that it is missing a fingerprint reader (but has TPM), and I have no idea why they added the Radeon R5 M430 which has little benefit to the Intel embedding GPU .

I can't comment on the Lenovo crapware as I put my own SSD in as soon a I checked it would boot, overall it's a decent laptop.
The Radeon GPU uses its own RAM as opposed to sharing system RAM so you have more RAM for all your apps using this option.
The embedded GPU uses system RAM so you have less RAM for all your apps using this option.
Dedicated GPU video RAM is also a faster type of RAM then system RAM so that's an added benefit.
Our company went with this exact model as the standard laptop last year.
Its too heavy, no Ethernet port even though its thicker than a t4x0 series laptop, all of which come with them standard and were our standard model for the last 10+ years.
Its docking stations are a joke and you need them to get wired Ethernet although the docking stations use USB NICs.
If you want to get access to the built-in PCIe Gigabit Ethernet, you have to get a proprietary dongle that uses their proprietary flimsy OneLink+ connector on the laptop end [you can see it on the side of the laptop in one of the pics].
Their docking stations use either USB 3 or the proprietary flimsy OneLink+ connector.
Battery is integrated and swapping anything out like RAM or the SSD requires taking the whole bottom plate off using 10+ screws and careful use of a black-stick which you will definitely do here as it only has one RAM slot and 4GB isnt enough.
Even though we will be rolling out Win10 soon, I dont see anyone using this with its flip screen as Windows is just cumbersome to use that way.
This year, they are going with its smaller sibling, the Yoga 360 which is lighter but still has all the same issues and they have dropped the OneLink+ connector in favor of a mini-RJ45 connection which still needs a proprietary dongle and docking stations are now using USB 3.1 only.
Oh, and their docking stations will not power the laptop so, while using them, you need two power adapters on the desk at the same time !!
It was'nt even on Lenovo's PSREF sheets for NA until sometime after it was announced to the rest of the world because the NA market is very picky and will trash anything that does'nt meet minimum tech common sense specs but somehow it made it.
4GB RAM is a bit too little for today's uses - it's not nearly enough to have browser+email client+music streaming+code editor without lag. Any normal $729 laptop should have 8GB, and any $1179 laptop should have 16GB, in my opinion.
I totally agree. The old thinkpads were super easy to upgrade if I remember right. Maybe they are just offering a base, and you are expected to upgrade it. If they are build anything like they were back in the day, the build quality would warrant a price hike, but I don't know about THAT large of a price hike. I honestly haven't looked at laptop prices in a few years, but I bet you can get a laptoiep with the same specs for half this price.
As far as I know, the Thinkpad line wasn't "infected". But pretty much everything has spyware nowadays (check Wikileaks).