Leuchtturm1917 Composition B5 Notebook (2-Pack)search

Leuchtturm1917 Composition B5 Notebook (2-Pack)

Leuchtturm1917 Composition B5 Notebook (2-Pack)

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I found the dotted and lined of this notebook on Amazon prime for $21.50 in blue, bark blue, orange and black for the dotted.
Unfortunately, the opening bordered description still includes a graph option which I understand isn't available for this notebook.

Also, I wanted a reconfirmation that DOTTED paper is available for this drop.

The reference to Graph has been removed (thanks for pointing that out), and yes, there is Dotted available in this style.
Just checked on possible options at the La Couronne du Comte website for this B5 Composition Notebook. This is the source of my knowledge about this particular notebook and the availability of a Dotted paper choice. Here's what they've written:

"The LEUCHTTURM1917 Composition B5 measures 17,8 x 25,4 cms, contains 121 pages. . . . [S]lim notebook with flexible cover is available in ruled, dotted and plain paper. . . ."

If you want to read the full description, click here: https://www.lacouronneducomte.nl/webstore/main/leuchtturm1917-softcover-notebook-composition-colours-p-7257.html

Like Theroc, I'll await Massdrop's confirmation about paper choices for this drop. And also, Kudos! if all three paper options will be available here.
They sell for $21.50 on Amazon with prime shipping. However, you can only find the blank or lined versions at that price.
Not the dotted versions.
More intriguing is the fact that NONE of Leuchtturm's websites offer a graph-ruled version or even hint at its existence.
Quite a scoop Massdrop.
Or is it?

Could you kindly confirm? I sure could use a couple.
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I did, and you were right. There is no graph available for this particular style, unfortunately. Really sorry about that! :(
No worries. I still might get the dotted ones.
Thanks. :)
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