Levenger Chroma Stylus Ballpoint Pensearch

Levenger Chroma Stylus Ballpoint Pen

Levenger Chroma Stylus Ballpoint Pen

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To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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This was my first purchase from MD. I loved this pen! I found reasons to use it where I would have just used my laptop. After a week of use the internals that keep the lid on when it's closed failed. Now the lid is constantly falling off. Doubting ordering from this site again. Quality is not up to snuff.
You *do* know that these are just standard products, bought en masse? Any quality concerns should be leveled at Levenger, not Massdrop. You might be able to get service in terms of return, etc from Levenger if you contact them at http://levenger.com/, Cservice@levenger.com, or 800-544-0880 (International: 901-566-5771)
Great news group! We’re happy to report that all of the orders have been shipped out from our warehouse early and are now on the way to you! Please allow 24-48 hours for tracking to get into the shipper's system and start updating.

If there’s anything else we can do to make your Massdrop experience better, feel free to contact us via “Contact Support” button in your transaction page: https://www.massdrop.com/transactions.

We're also on Instagram! We'd love to see the photos of drops you've received and you can do that by following Massdrop and tagging your pictures #massdrop. https://instagram.com/massdrop
Well, this is a bit discouraging. I just got an email from Levenger, and the Chroma Topper stylus is now on sale in their Outlet store for 19.95, with another 30% off that with a coupon code. At checkout the price is $13.97 before tax and shipping. Is Levenger laughing at us all the way to the bank?
Thanks again for joining this drop! With your help we were able to make it successful for the community. We've just submitted the group's order with the vendor for the Levenger Chroma Stylus Ballpoint Pen and they are working hard to prepare it for shipment.

As soon as the group's order is ready at the vendor's location, they will send the bulk shipment to our warehouse in New Jersey where our warehouse team will break it up into individual orders and ship them directly to you! The current estimated ship date from our warehouse is 4/28.

Rest assured that we we will provide you all with updated information regarding the status of your order throughout the process. You can expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 4/24.
I have tried styli (styluses?) with rubber tips. One I have with a microfiber tip is much better in my opinion. I don't like how the rubber tips grab the surface.
The topper is said to come in a coffee bean color. I assume this would be a brown tone, but only black and green are shown. I see that you can order coffee bean, but the picture appears to be a black pen. Can Massdrop clarify if there is truly a Coffee bean brown color topper available?

Thanks for asking, I've clarified the description: Black = Coffee Bean, Green = Laurel.

We've also extended the drop by two days because it's 80% to reaching the lowest drop point, and we hope this will help to make it possible for everyone to get the best price.

We don't expect this will delay shipping by much if at all; Levenger products generally ship quickly.

Poll I created for some Monteverde pens including the Regatta Sport, Invincia and Tool Pen!

Please vote!!!
Will the stylus work on a galaxy s5?
Interesting design. One issue to consider is the life of the fabric stylus. Many reviewers on Levenger's product page claim it is not durable and non replaceable.
I would personally choose the fabric stylus varieties. They're more responsive and feel a lot better than the rubber pieces.
They also don't have the annoying problem of sticking on a freshly cleaned screen
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