Levenger True Writer Fountain Pensearch

Levenger True Writer Fountain Pen

Levenger True Writer Fountain Pen

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I've been writing with this pen for a while. It is incredibly smooth. No complaints whatsoever.
Much better selection and prices now on Levenger's website. Ex; see below! Much bigger selection also. This is NO deal here folks.
The Checkmate is on sale for $43, and a few Classics are on sale for $55 at Levenger.
Using Java pics as clickbait this time Massdrop?
How does one know which name goes with which color?
In the drop description, the individual pictures under Options are labeled with their names if you click on them to view at full size.
Thank you
6/20/17 Levenger has them on sale for $49 to $55
Just received their new catalog all pens on sale 30-40% off through July 16, 2017. Thanks for the info.
6/16/17 These are on sale now at Levengers from $49.00-64.00
Does this come with a converter?
I notice that the stainless steel nib has an iridium point. Is this unusual? How does it write differently than stainless steel without iridium?
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I think part of the issue is that Levenger is not a dedicated pen company. They do manufacture their own branded pens, and resell many others, but they also sell many other types of "lifestyle" products. Their target market Is not, I don't think, heavily experienced fountain pen enthusiasts. For one thing, their most expensive branded fountain pen (the True Writer Select, at $159), does not come with a gold nib, but rather a steel one. Point being, maybe they're trying to use "iridium point" as a marketing gimmick to less experienced users. Just a theory. Btw, I have a Select and it's an excellent pen. I also very much like the TW Classic offered in this drop.
With the exception of stub nibs just about all steel nibs have an iridium point. That's the ball at the top of the nib where the pen touches the paper. It is formed from rare, hard metals, not always iridium. Without that tip the pen would be scratchy.
Be aware, it looks like the Classic Crimson isn't being offered in this drop ...

Geez, If you're gonna break my heart and not offer it in this drop, the least you could do is remove the picture from the drop page .. ;)
Did anyone else get broad nibs? I got mine but Levenger's broad isn't what I would normally consider "broad".
Any word on when this drop gets rolling? No emails, no posts so far :(
Still waiting for a sign
yay - looks like it will arrive before mothers day
I received this message;

"While you wait for your order to arrive, get to know the people you're buying with by joining the discussion."

OK, so I'll go first. My name is Tim and I buy too much stuff on Massdrop.
Me too....It's addicting!