LG 24" 144Hz HD LED Monitor w/optional 2-Packsearch

LG 24" 144Hz HD LED Monitor w/optional 2-Pack

LG 24" 144Hz HD LED Monitor w/optional 2-Pack

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Just saying, I'm pretty sure this model (I got one with similar specs and looked the same) was on sale at Fry's for like ~185. I ended up returning mine and got a Samsung one instead. Not to dis this drop, but just giving an approximation of what it can be in terms of sales prices.
The model being sold here is the newest from LG. 24GM79G-B
This was the sale for $188 about a month ago. Same model number it seems.
Uhhh... It says it comes with Windows 10?
Can the screen go up and down in height?
It should be able to. I owned one that looks exactly the same and seems to have the same specs. Returned it so I don't remember the model number.
Is it just me or is the Model not Listed.
one more US only drop and I will go fucking nuts. I keep waiting for a nice 144 hz to go on sale, but always leave disappointed.

I am very sorry that we are not able to offer larger products for international shipping. Shipping rates for these types of larger items continue to go up especially this year. At this point if I offered shipping on this drop it would be so expensive that people would complain that they can purchase it locally for less money because the shipping rate is so high.

Massdrop wants to offer all products to everyone. However you must understand on large heavy items or hazmat type items with large batteries its just not possible and for the most part is out of Massdrop's control.

Thank you for your reply, I understand the situation it is just a little frustrating !
There was a 144Hz LG monitor called the 24GM77-B a while back that looks almost the same as this one that was known for having much better colors compared to anything else. It cost 300 bucks?

Does this display use the same or newer generation panel?
Yes, its basically the exact same. Please see my post below.
$274.99 for a TN 144 Hz 24" monitor?
Am I missing something here?
This monitor is currently going for $277.04 on Amazon so where's the savings on this exactly?
And on newegg it's $269.99
New Egg - $299.99
Amazon - $290.94
Cheapest so far on CCC - $278 3RD Party / $280 Amazon
I know this drop is over, but I was just checking it out.

I'm curious about why you would provide that NewEgg link and not even bother to read that they have a $30 rebate that brings the price to... you guessed it. $269.99. The original price that the guy you replied to said.

Comments like this do not do any service to customers.
Why is Massdrop selling the Nixeus 24" 144Hz FreeSync LED Gaming Monitor at the same time? Would be better if they staggered them out.
Normally we would not. However the drop on the LG was not expected and it was a drop it or loose it type of situation. I delayed the start date on the LG as much as I could but they still overlap a couple of days.
Can they ship this to Germany?