LG 24" Full HD IPS LED Neo Blade III Monitorsearch

LG 24" Full HD IPS LED Neo Blade III Monitor

LG 24" Full HD IPS LED Neo Blade III Monitor

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when will this be dropped again? i've been waiting for a while now.
WTF?? Limited to 7 units???
This monitor has something I've really wanted for a long time - no logo on the front and thin bezels. It has a really clean, spaceship like design.

I'm curious, are there any other monitors like this at all? Every other thin bezel monitor I've found has a giant ugly logo on the front.
lol no DisplayPort in 2017
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Had to come back for this...
-Talks about future proofing, yet topic is about a 1080p monitor.
-Complains about buying HDMI cables when they'll likely still be around for the next 15yrs.

Because HDMI > DP & DP > HDMI adapters don't exist?

-Compares HDMI cables to HD-DVD when HD-DVD was just two more RCA cables to begin with.

-HDMI has HDCP, gah, got me there, what's a world where you can't pirate your RedBox movies?

You say you don't want to buy a non-future proof supporting monitor, and then you specifically shop for monitors that vendors are intentionally not installing advanced unnecessary components in because 1080p is going out the window.

Not sure if you came for the monitor or just to complain.
> topic is about a 1080p monitor

1080p monitors make good vertical, auxilary monitors. they're also good for *nix systems which lack proper scaling and high-dpi support

> Complains about buying HDMI cable when they'll likely still be around for the next 15 yrs

Not in my household, the rest is of no interest to me

> Because HDMI > DP & DP > HDMI adapters don't exist?

Wasting more money on HDMI accessories, yea right

> HD-DVD was just two more RCA cables

lmao HD-DVD was a disc format, not a cable

> HDMI has HDCP [...] redbox

I don't know what redbox is but I don't care to find out either - I want my monitors to work each and every time. HDCP handshake problems make that impossible.

> 1080p is going out the window

not for productivity. I prefer 1x high-dpi monitor in the middle flanked by 2 1080p vertical 9:16s over a single high-dpi 21:9. ymmv
Just arrived! Little less than 2 weeks after ordering
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Try pressing the monitor's button to turn it off, it's the same with my LG UW, if you don't pres it, the light blinks, if you press it to turn it off, it doesn't blink
This works, thanks!
lol 69 units. #420blazeit #bro
The only thing this has going for it is split-screen. MSRP may be $350 but its usual retail is $250. You can buy a monitor JUST like this one for under $120 easily, without the split screen. But Windows 10 has multitasking capability similar to split screen. There's really no reason to get ripped off for $100.
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Holy shit this guy must be one of those 30hz is the max guys. Dude go look at linus tech tips and look up his reviews on monitors. The color bit rate, etc. Not all monitors of ips look alike. Holy shit man. Would it kill you to just work and buy yourself nice things so you're not so skeptical of specs qnd experiences with products.
60Hz minimun fyi. I know my fair share of computers and monitors, I wouldn't speak if I didn't know what I was talking about.

And I'm subbed to LinusTechTips, I watch him regularly.
I'm looking for a monitor that looks better than my AOC G2460PF in the dark for 1080p video/media. Does anyone know how good the colors are? If I'm spending $200 (which is how much my gaming monitor was) I'm looking for *really* good video quality since my AOC TN panel looks like pure shit when the screen has anything black on it outside of gaming.

I'm comparing this to other IPS not TN panels for the record, just not sure where to get good recommendations for high contrast ratio panels with good colors when watching media with lots of black on screen.
i have the monitor, and i can tell you that this thing is amazing, it has anti-glare so it doesn't act as a mirror to any light, that's a huge plus for me at least, speaking of the "black" problem, it comes with an equalizer which makes black spots brighter, helps in games ;). Speaking of the quality, the monitor has a "Super rez" mode where you can set off, low, mid, or high, its perfect for photos, videos etc, the monitor comes with "picture modes" preset, you have game, cinema, photo (photo has super rez on high), 2 reading modes, color config and some other ones. Overall Im satisfied with the ips on this thing, color is very adjustable. ps i bought the monitor through a friend that had it already.
Strange to see a modern monitor with no display port, or at the very least DVI ports.
¿The $ 80.00 dollars Shipping to Colombia includes taxes? ¿Or I have to paid taxes when it arrive to Colombia?
Seems like this comes back about every two weeks?
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do these ones in particular have any major defects? I'm in for one, but I haven't been able to find anything outlining any huge issues with it. My main concern is that this is one of the monitors that Massdrop actually has the lowest price available for it, so I'm curious if there's anything wrong with their batches.
Not that I'm aware of - but I haven't looked into it. It seems a bit much for a display that is only 1920 x 1080 without a display port. I would heavily research and look at user reviews of any LG product that Massdrop is taking care of based on the history of their LG drops.