LG 27" 4K Freesync Monitor 27UD68P-Bsearch

LG 27" 4K Freesync Monitor 27UD68P-B

LG 27" 4K Freesync Monitor 27UD68P-B

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399$ + 140$ Shipping + 80$ tax = 620$ does it make sense to join drop ?
A discount of &20, not as "Massdrop" as I expected...
shipping is waaaaaaaay too expensive!!
Shipping cost is too high...
Hey if you're thinking about getting it, I highly recommend it. Ive had it since September 2016 and it has been nothing short of perfect. I game a lot and it looks absolutely beautiful.
Any creation/consumption of visual media outside of gaming? I game but I also have a hackintosh set up that I design and edit photography on.
Color quality is great and the video editing I do from time to time looks perfect.
Just saw this on Slickdeals, sooo???
I don't get it. What are you trying to say? Unless you got a time machine to go back 78 days why are you even posting this? And then removing the date of which it was posted. Why? To get attention?

In addition, the retail price of this monitor is 499.99$ why is it saying 599.99$ MSRP, this is a false sense of savings.
I cant see how much i need to pay for shipping to belguim ?
Can't exactly help you, but I live in Finland and the shipping cost is $140...plus tax because it's from the US .
The warrenty is international warranty?
This is... a deal price? This was the regular price during the holidays and it was $350 and less when the were actual deal prices. Mass drop the s*** out of it and get it at a wholesale price please. Thanks!
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I believe the commercial grade one also has an adjustable stand. I have the 27UD68-P and the stand it comes with only tilts.
During the holidays I saw it at best buy for $300 and picked one up so this price is not very good
Yea ... rly need EU shipping!
I just ordered these from Amazon.co.uk ... as it was a better deal than the 140$ shipping cost!
Yep. Shipping is more than the discount. Hooray
When will you have europe based shipping or something? As stated below $140 makes this 'deal' uneconomical!
140USD shipping.
Who you trying to scam
$420 monitor.
$140 shipping.