LG 31" Digital Cinema 4K Display 31MU97C-Bsearch

LG 31" Digital Cinema 4K Display 31MU97C-B

LG 31" Digital Cinema 4K Display 31MU97C-B

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Last drop it was $700. I guess these monitors need expensive memory chips or there's a shortage of them lol

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Thank you Sir. I appreciate you as well and it was awesome of you to say so. Thank you!
Your circle jerk notwithstanding, did you sell a single monitor at this inflated price?
Any word on when we will get an update on Shipping?
You guys are a tech company serving a tech focused community. As a software engineer I expect to have updates when we pass milestones that you have set. For this item a ship date of 4/22 was set. It would be very easy to send out an email saying everything is going to plan or there is a small delay and we have not forgotten about you. This should go out like clockwork every time you hit one of your shipping dates. You could even run some logic so this email would kickout if you didn't yet send us an email update on the product and its status by the ship date.

I read many of the discussions on these products and I have seen that this is overwhelmingly the biggest gripe. It is not the delays but the poor communication about the delays and the status of the product. This is really a simple fix and you guys should spend some time addressing it. I also think you guys should recognize that I (and others) really don't come here for the products you offer (we can find them on amazon) as much as I do for the community and the discussions to help focus what I look for. So if this is more about communities then you should really prioritize communicating with them.

I like what you have created and would like to see it grow and succeed but believe that this is seriously impeding your growth and my enjoyment of your services.
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I got an. email earlier saying that they will update on 5/29. Not sure if that is going to happen.
Thanks for the update! Funny that I didn't receive any email from them.
I started using mine -- great panel, minor annoyances with the menus and controls (I prefer the Dell high-end monitors), but for the price, this is great.
mine is finally here
display is good, a little bit two face but I think is normal in big IPS monitor.

BUT a problem is , when the brightness is low, or displaying a dark color, is just keep humming. I'm not sure is this a quality problem
I also have coil whine when there is no input/dark colours. I fixed the dark colour whine by maxing the brightness on the monitor, then lowering the brightness via my graphics card software. My other issue is a flickering and pop sound every now and then, i suspect the displayport cable included is low quality (hopefully its not the capacitors..).
And I try that, if you connect some accessories via the USB port , to using more power from that, may reduce the noise. I will buy a better cable too
I have one of these sitting in a corner after both a Mac Pro (Trashcan) and my MSI nVidia 970 core card failed to drive it correctly. The Mac Pro seemed to work but high contrast images at 60Hz causes it to continuously drop the signal to a black screen. Tried several mini DP cables to no avail. Works at 50Hz fine, with a tweak to the Mac that the Mac keeps fucking up (third party display control software) every boot. The nVidia drivers worked ok until a Windows 10 update inexplicably killed its 4096 capability and would only drive it at quad HD. The other specs are fine and the image quality is good for a four year old monitor but be sure your system does single pane DP 4096x2160 output or you will have panel boxing everywhere.
I have this monitor with the extra thunderbolt port. got it from Newegg at $643.99 in December 2015 that was the cheapest price ever. Monitor is amazing, I would love to get a second one but the ergonomy is not ideal for a dual monitor setup.

a few comments:
- The monitor is not HDR ready even though a firmware probably could fix that but i would not get my hopes too high.
- The menu is very slow but works
- With nvidia cards
*there is a tendency for the monitor to reset to 8 bits color after each driver change.
*Playing with 10-bits enabled kills the framerate even with a gtx 1080
*Playing at native resolution require a dual gtx 1080 sli setup or lower your settings
- some games will have black border because they do not support the resolution
I saw a previous comment stating this is not an HDR ready panel. But it supports 10 bit color depth. So with HDMI 1.4, can this really not utilize the specs that they put into it? That seems a little strange.
I believe this display launched prior to HDR and HDMI 2.0 being widely available. It is best to run this one off DisplayPort if you have that option. As for HDR and 10bit, HDR means that there is a wider overall range of colors available while the number of bits refers to how many colors within that range can be displayed. The screen itself might not be able to display the full HDR range.
Picked mine up and set it up last night. Only minor complaints about the monitor itself...it takes like 10 seconds to boot up and...it's actually not as big as I thought it would be. LOL seriously I looked at some similar sized models at Best Buy but after I set it up last night, I thought...that's not as huge as I thought.

It took an extra month to get here but for all our complaints, this was a fantastic price. The lowest I've ever seen otherwise is $799 or so on eBay and, I believe, $899 on Black Friday. $729 shipped is amazing.
Are these factory new or refurbished? It seems like way too good of a deal, especially for Massdrop.
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Not really. "Savings" on Massdrop are 90% based on stratospheric levels of infated MSRP.

But this monitor is currently on Amazon for over $900. That kind of actual savings is reallly really rare on MD.
The savings are pretty legit. Street price is closer to $1K and even then you're still saving 30% on a great monitor. I also wasn't charged any taxes and shipping within the US is $30.

You can find this price if you're lucky on eBay and not have to wait 2+ months BUT you do get a full 3-year warranty here too.
Does anyone know how much will one gets charged for custom for this one to get in the UK?
Was on the fence, until I saw that it didn't support HDR. How long before we get monitors at or below this price that support HDR via HDMI 2.0b, or Displayport 1.4?

EDIT: For that matter, a QHD display with HDR. LG is apparently coming out with one this year, though it won't offer quite the range that UHD displays have.