LG 34" UltraWide 1440p Freesync 34UM88C-Psearch

LG 34" UltraWide 1440p Freesync 34UM88C-P

LG 34" UltraWide 1440p Freesync 34UM88C-P

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Please let it ship to us Aussies. pls
Can this model do split screen with two HDMI inputs from two different computers? Most videos from LG show one HDMI and one thunder bolt inputs. I can't find this info anywhere.
does HDCP mean devices like Apple TV will not complain when I try to play movies?
The MASSDROP monitor debuting tomorrow on the 20th is a better freesync monitor. This is a waste of time. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-vast-curved-gaming-monitor
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Get your shit together mate, the Vast doesn't have a TN panel. Geesh, lol
Jesus whoops lol. I appologize
Will LG honor warranty/service if I buy from Massdrop? This price is tempting...
this is a great panel if your going vega, but if your doing that your doing it wrong already, imo
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I actually have a Fury X and the curved LG 34UC88, so 3440x1440 with 75Hz (freesync only). I wanted Vega64 to be between 450-500 and I would have added an EK waterblock and backplate. Historically, AMD always improves performance through their drivers and there are still a few disabled features on Vega. It seems like the drivers are too underdeveloped at launch and the power usage isnt justified vs a 1080 or 1080Ti.

Which 1080Ti do you have? I may upgrade to one with an EK waterblock and wait for the Asus RoG PG35VQ. Ideally, the founders edition would have been my choice but those are out of stock everywhere.
If you can find a Vega at MSRP then it's a good deal. They(Vega) still don't come close to competing with the 1080ti though. I agree that G-sync monitors are expensive though.
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I Think most people sit less than 2 feet from their monitor and yes, I believe that ultrawides at 1080P are not going to look very good.
Does anyone know if this would incur import taxes if I were to join the drop from the UK?
Why would you think it won't? It's not like UK is part of the NAFTA or something, Oh wait, UK is even quitting EU, so yeah, import tax all around lol :)
Newegg is selling this monitor for 499.99
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The one on Adorama is 2560x1080. The one here is 3440x1440.
Can't believe I missed that one!
Posted this to Massdrop support, hopefully this will change for these requests:

Fedex says I'm not available to receive the order, even though they don't even call the callbox of my Apartment Building for me to receive them. I asked them to hold the package at one of their offices, but they said that the shipper (Massdrop) has asked not to change the delivery address. Hopefully Massdrop can change this delivery options for their shipments so that the receipients can ask them to hold the items at their offices.

They will "try" a third time, even though I contacted them and asked them to not do it and hold the monitor; but unfortunately they can't. Hopefully the shipment doesn't get returned to the sender and I have to pay the restocking fee.. Massdrop help! Why wouldn't you allow the recipients to change the delivery address?
Probably to discourage people from "buying it" but then shipping it to someone else that paid them more. Just a guess.
Though I think holding it at the Fedex center/office thing shouldn't count as a change of address! Sorry to hear that, and I hope you get your monitor soon. :(