LG 34" UltraWide 1440p Freesync 34UM88C-Psearch

LG 34" UltraWide 1440p Freesync 34UM88C-P

LG 34" UltraWide 1440p Freesync 34UM88C-P

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Monitor of my dreams!
> 60Hz
I wonder why it's going to take 3 weeks to ship this drop?
I'm having a hard time determining the differences between this one and the LG 34UC88-B that was just recently for sale on MD. Is this basically the same thing? Same curve, dimensions, quality etc?
Oh from what I'm finding I guess it's just a flat screen and slightly older version of the UC88-B.
Not a really great gaming monitor at 60hz, but a damn fine monitor for anything else!
However for the cost vs. retail... best price overall was: Amazon @ $558 ---> https://www.amazon.com/LG-34UM88C-P-34-Inch-21-UltraWide/dp/B01CDYB5CW
This is a good drop!
Please let it ship to us Aussies. pls
Not happening, MD doesn't like selling big and heavy things overseas, and hutch doesn't even bother to make up excuses any moreūüė†
Can this model do split screen with two HDMI inputs from two different computers? Most videos from LG show one HDMI and one thunder bolt inputs. I can't find this info anywhere.
does HDCP mean devices like Apple TV will not complain when I try to play movies?
The MASSDROP monitor debuting tomorrow on the 20th is a better freesync monitor. This is a waste of time. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-vast-curved-gaming-monitor
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Get your shit together mate, the Vast doesn't have a TN panel. Geesh, lol
Jesus whoops lol. I appologize
Will LG honor warranty/service if I buy from Massdrop? This price is tempting...
this is a great panel if your going vega, but if your doing that your doing it wrong already, imo
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I actually have a Fury X and the curved LG 34UC88, so 3440x1440 with 75Hz (freesync only). I wanted Vega64 to be between 450-500 and I would have added an EK waterblock and backplate. Historically, AMD always improves performance through their drivers and there are still a few disabled features on Vega. It seems like the drivers are too underdeveloped at launch and the power usage isnt justified vs a 1080 or 1080Ti.
Which 1080Ti do you have? I may upgrade to one with an EK waterblock and wait for the Asus RoG PG35VQ. Ideally, the founders edition would have been my choice but those are out of stock everywhere.
If you can find a Vega at MSRP then it's a good deal. They(Vega) still don't come close to competing with the 1080ti though. I agree that G-sync monitors are expensive though.
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I Think most people sit less than 2 feet from their monitor and yes, I believe that ultrawides at 1080P are not going to look very good.
Does anyone know if this would incur import taxes if I were to join the drop from the UK?
Why would you think it won't? It's not like UK is part of the NAFTA or something, Oh wait, UK is even quitting EU, so yeah, import tax all around lol :)
Newegg is selling this monitor for 499.99
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The one on Adorama is 2560x1080. The one here is 3440x1440.
Can't believe I missed that one!
Posted this to Massdrop support, hopefully this will change for these requests:
Fedex says I'm not available to receive the order, even though they don't even call the callbox of my Apartment Building for me to receive them. I asked them to hold the package at one of their offices, but they said that the shipper (Massdrop) has asked not to change the delivery address. Hopefully Massdrop can change this delivery options for their shipments so that the receipients can ask them to hold the items at their offices.
They will "try" a third time, even though I contacted them and asked them to not do it and hold the monitor; but unfortunately they can't. Hopefully the shipment doesn't get returned to the sender and I have to pay the restocking fee.. Massdrop help! Why wouldn't you allow the recipients to change the delivery address?
Probably to discourage people from "buying it" but then shipping it to someone else that paid them more. Just a guess. Though I think holding it at the Fedex center/office thing shouldn't count as a change of address! Sorry to hear that, and I hope you get your monitor soon. :(
Bought this monitor, and I adore it. That is all.
Curse you devils Etherium miners. There are no AMD cards available to buy.
$589 free shipping, no tax. Do I have to pay tax on this in California? Plus they have open box ones for $499. Not sure if these have the Thunderbolt plug. http://www.beachcamera.com/shop/product/LG34UM88C/LG-34UM88C-219-QHD-IPS-34-Monitor
there are two versions of this monitor, one with, and one without thunderbolt. The one with thunderbolt I saw recently priced around $800 USD. I just bought the non thunderbolt version for around $650. So, well bad luck for me, good luck for you guys. I mean, the non thunderbolt one is working really well for me, this is not meant for gaming though, I get 60hz on my 2015 and 2016 MacBook pros, with the correct adapters. One thing I noticed was that in order to use the PBP functionality of having two computers split half and half on the screen, one of the computers needs to be using the displayport. Great monitor overall, I'm definitely enjoying it
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How is it not a gaming monitor? It has freesync. And you're not playing games on a Macbook anyways. At least not with good performance.
It has a very low refresh rate. It's fine for solo player games, but this is not a competitive game monitor.
Any update about the shiping? Why its taking so long to get it to you're warehouse ?
Bah!! it's cheaper on Amazon right now for CAD money....and you get it faster!!!! 20$ shipping...so stupid!!
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To be honest though, 3/4 times it's actually true. Maybe not cheaper but almost always with a comparable price. Never can trust the MSRP anymore, it's always bullshit.
MSRP is MSRP. We all know what it is.
But that has nothing to do with patmasse17 linking to another product, pointing at its sale price (not MSRP) and comparing it to the sale price here (not MSRP) and saying it's more expensive.
I love that shit when it's right, but I hate the morons who get it wrong.... every... frigging... time.
for this price i would have expected to get 100/120/144hz refresh rate
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I know that's a really expensive feature to get in an ultra wide but this is an experienceive ultra wide even at drop price
Ultrawide screens typically run from $550 to $1,300 depending on the features. A 3440x1440p IPS monitor with Freesync is going to be right at this price point. If you want higher refresh then you end up paying $750-$1000. Want G-sync? You're looking at over $1000. This drop is priced very well for the monitor they're selling.
I bought the B version last year here on massdrop. What's the difference
The b model is curved and has slight changes to internals (i.e. different panel). In my experience of owning both I like the b model better. I also feel that the panel was of better quality on the b model. I also might added that one should never consider Samsung in this field, their ag coating is to aggressive on curved monitors (I own two SE790C), and blurs text badly. It seems all Samsung I have seen are like that too. If you dont like curved screen this is a good choice, but you might consider a less curved one like dell's U3415W.
Graphics design = go flat, as it will distort some lines. Gaming, everything else = curved, easier to see entire screen and slightly more space on your desk.
i someone complain about $170 shipping.... normally shipping is on the description page but not this time. So is that actually the shipping price??
nm i saw it when I did a "test join"
Can someone provide the actual screen dimensions please? My concern that being ultrawide = smaller vertical screen size.
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I have this monitor (the USB 3.1 variant at any rate). The vertical is about the same height as a 16:9 27" display.
32" wide, 16.9" tall. I upgraded from a 23 inch 1080p monitor, this is taller than that, and obviously, much wider.
Is the 34CB88-P is much better then this one?
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Hey Everyone, The 34CB88-P is a curved screen this is a straight panel. Also the 34CB88-P is a commercial model that carries a 3 year warranty. @GalSCheers,
I just discovered massdrop. I missed this monitor. Does massdrop ever get a previous sold item back in stock for another drop? Would love to get this monitor.
It's back!
I recently bought this off of buydig for 550 with free shipping, and I have to say it's a phenomenal monitor for productivity. I can have an RDP viewer, 2 iTerm windows, Slack, a browser window, and Sublime Text open at the same time,
If you live in the US, this is still a pretty good deal at $600 total. I probably wouldn't get it as a gaming monitor, unless you're fine with a 60 FPS hard cap.
There is a lot better choices out there for the money. This monitor is limited to 60 HZ so you can't really take advantage of the resolution of 1440p. Look on Newegg for 144 HZ monitors and you will find plenty of Freesync units for the same or lower price
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It's gonna be okay. Just breathe, and maybe get yourself outside more, you need more human interaction.
You both were throwing generalizations and assumptions about each other based on an error in communication.
Having a different opinion should not mean you now have to castrate each other over the internet.
And finally, thanks for the entertaining debate.
Sorry he's still an asshole and I get plenty of human interaction don't need you tell me what to do! SO PISS OFF!!!!!

LG34UM88-P and dell u2716D which one is betterÔľü

I have a Dell S2716DG, which is the 144hz Gsync TN panel from Dell. So not the same, but comparable, I'd imagine, to the one you mention. There are two fundamental differences between it and the LG. First, the LG has an ultrawide aspect ratio, 21:9, whereas the Dell you are looking at is 16:9. This LG is therefore 3440 pixels wide, vs. the Dell's 2560. (Also, along the matter of size, the LG is quite a bit larger.) Second, the LG is an IPS panel. It's my understanding that IPS is recommended for better color and viewing angles. My TN has very good horizontal viewing angles, however, but it darkens from below/head-on, so I keep it tilted a bit downwards to compensate. I really like the S2716DG, and can definitely see the difference between 60fps and 90+fps, but I do hope to get an ultrawide some day...
If you want a beautiful display with super crisp graphics, the 1440p ultra wide is the winner.
If your main focus is gaming, stick to the dell, it will be better for gaming, save up money for the 1440 ultra wide gaming monitors that will start popping up shortly. Also keep in mind ultra wide gaming at 1440p takes a bigger toll on your hardware. If your cpu and gpu can't handle it you will have poor performance, causing you to bring resolutions down, and end up with a similar experience to what you already have.
170$ shipping?! Are you mad?!
Your wish had been granted. You don't even get international shipping on monitors any more.