LG 49" or 65" 4K UHD 120Hz Smart LED TVsearch

LG 49" or 65" 4K UHD 120Hz Smart LED TV

LG 49" or 65" 4K UHD 120Hz Smart LED TV

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To clarify about the model numbers and so on...the model numbers is lg 49UH6030...THE REASON MOST RETAILERS aren't listing them is because they were holiday models...thats why they seem to be 6150s but they are not. They are 4k and only support hdr content. Hope this helps some.
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Ok, so if this TVs are not real 4k, which one are?

I wanna buy a 4k display. I'm between a monitor or TV. I prefer the TV for the size and price, but also don't wanna buy something that is truly bad. Any recommendations?

P.D: I'm developer, not much into gamming.
Monoprice has a 28" true 4K that is usually on sale for $300ish. FYI, I purchased this TV from newegg and wrote a review on it below. It's not a bad piece of kit but I can't speak to the "true 4k" nature of the display. I haven't tried running it as a monitor yet but text in the built in apps is pretty decently crisp.
Best Buy has a 50" 4k TV for $399 with free shipping right now, just ordered it there. Hope you guys figure out that this isn't a good deal before it goes through :(
I just bought this from Newegg for $399 + $20 s/h. Will report back with a review when it arrives.
For the interested: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16889007235&cm_sp=Homepage_BS-_-P5_89-007-235-_-11112016

only 6 hours left on the deal!
Got my TV in today (probably the only real benefit to living in PA lol) and I have to say, for $400, this TV ain't half bad. The built in software is a little on a sluggish side and while it works well most of the time, it will occasionally slow to a crawl when whatever CPU is in this thing gets bogged down (I found the slowdowns to be mainly related to multi-tasking). Picture wise, I can say that it looks pretty good, but I'm not a professional TV reviewer nor do I have any hardware to validate any of LG's claims, so take this review with a grain of salt. The only other 4k display I have to compare against is a Monoprice 4k which I find has a pretty good picture compared to my Acer GN246HL. I could argue the picture looks a bit better on the monoprice, but that isn't to say the LG looks bad.

The only thing that really got me with regards to the picture quality is that the LG has a bit of light bleed that makes blacks look slightly grey, however it is currently about 1:30pm and very bright outside so I can't speak for the darkest blacks without this massive glare across my screen potentially influencing my opinion. I'll get back to you guys later today when it gets a bit darker outside (I don't have blackout curtains). Also, the display seems to run at a mostly consistent 60Hz on the internal apps, but the stuttering/blanking effect that comes from the TruMotion 120 feature is pretty noticeable on animated or CGI content, I can't say if this is a huge deal breaker yet as it does remove ghosting and motion blur pretty significantly. I'll have to poke around in the settings some more to see if there's an option to turn it off for an apples to apples comparison with my monoprice.

I tested the monitor with some 4k content from the built in YouTube app (which does support native 4k) and some 1080p content from my Plex server via the Plex app you can download from the LG store. 4k cinema content looks pretty good, albeit a little grainy on the finer details at a reasonable viewing distance but nothing that I would have noticed had I not been looking at the display with a critical eye. Motion is hit or miss depending on the style of content. Cinema motion blends smoothly while animated or CGI content feels jittery (was watching some anime that had a frame rate of 24fps). Will have to try playing a game on it, but I suppose the 60fps my PC can push would be enough to eliminate any jitters. TV has a plethora of picture modes and settings, but I did most of my testing on the "standard" preset.

Speakers on the TV sound alright, nothing to write home about, but they are fairly loud which is nice. TV also has a setting to split audio between built in speakers and audio out (optical or otherwise). The TV itself looks pretty nice, relatively thin bezels but the feet look a tad bit pigeon footed, may or may not be an annoyance. But at least it seems to have VESA mount points on the back and the feet are very easy to remove, so that's a plus. I wish the power port were on the same side as the inputs, for whatever reason they're on opposite sides of the device. And finally, the remote is trash. My god is this remote bad. There's no tactile difference between many key buttons so you will find yourself looking at the remote constantly to get your bearings. Fortunately, the TV supports being controlled via a smartphone using an LG app on Android or iOS and it supports basic chromecast like functionality with the internal apps like YouTube, Plex and Netflix. Oh, and damnit LG, who told you onscreen keyboards were good? They're terrible, get that LG app to type stuff as soon as you have the wifi or ethernet hooked up, you can thank me later.

Overall I think I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase. A few nits here and there but for $400 I can't really complain. I think the display looks pretty good and the features are pretty solid. No real issues with the software... yet. I also don't have a cable sub so I can't speak for how well the enhanced guide feature is, I think they call it Channel+ or something. You will definitely want to use your smartphone or a universal remote as an alternative to the included remote.
You can walk into a local Sams club and get better deals than this. Wait for Black Friday it's not far off.
is this only shipping in the us?
Does anyone know if the built in apps support 4k streaming natively?
Nothing supports 4K Native.... Netflix 4K is still a downgraded version of 4K but you can watch 4K stuff with the "smart features"
That's being a bit pedantic IMO, I just want to be able to plug this thing in and view 4k content without needing a 4k source box or chromecast ultra since it does have apps and such. Good to know the apps support 4k, thanks.
Note that this TV isn't a TRUE HDR TV. HDR Pro only supports HDR content, but you dont get the picture benefits of a 10 Bit panel. It's insidious marketing on LG's part
Does this TV have passive 3D capability? (overlaps the two images, works mint with theatre glasses [take apart the theatre glasses and play split-screen multiplayer using the full screen])
no, there are no passive 3d tvs anymore and you have to up to the 8500 for active 3d.
LG's 55UH8500 has passive 3D.
Passive 3D TVs are very much a thing still; especially since many people (such as myself) prefer passive over active 3D.

But there was no mention of this particular model having, or not having, 3D, so figured I'd ask. Thank you for clarifying it does not have the capability
Although there cant be a real 4k tv with 120Hz, due to the amazoning amount pixel need to be ptocess, I still want a real 4k tv with 120hz refresh rate. Because I love 4k and high refresh rate. Do you guy know if there is any tv that features it or going to release?

I saw some of you were talking about upscaling algorithm, I think NNEDI3 and waifux2 are the most powerful two, one for almost any kind of video and the other for anime. However, those two are too "expensive" for average user(I thing at least need TTXPs to make it real time). At the same time, the upscale math comes with tv is not too bad compare to some common method; i assume that the manufacturers have done a lot of optimizations. Probably, it is enough for us.
You probably want to look for a monitor with DisplayPort 1.3 or higher. TVs tend to prefer HDMI because of HDCP, which I don't think DP supports. I could be wrong, tho.
120Hz mean to 'TruMotion 120Hz'.
TruMotion 120Hz is a technology like frame dubbler.

see bellow link.