LG OLED 55/65" B8 4K HDR Smart TV w/ AI ThinQsearch

LG OLED 55/65" B8 4K HDR Smart TV w/ AI ThinQ

LG OLED 55/65" B8 4K HDR Smart TV w/ AI ThinQ

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100 less than 2 weeks ago. I’d be pretty upset if I joined that drop. This was recently as low as 1699 on Newegg but this is still a great deal. I paid 1999 for mine at Best Buy. Stunning set. No comparison to even the best full array LCD sets provided you can avoid Usage that may cause burn in. Do your research on burn in and how to avoid it before buying. Lessons 1 and 2, no cable news and no video games.
Ridiculous that I had to go to CNET to double check what HDMI version it had, because LG doesn't even list it on their website.
Is this a refurbished unit?
Anyone know what the refresh rate is?
It’s a native 120 Hz but does not support variable refresh rate technology
trying to decide between this and the samsung q7 does anyone have any experience with both? Im thinking q7 because of the no gap wall mount..
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I appreciate the response, I am positive either will have a superb picture, what I am more interested in since I know either will offer great performance picture wise, is the amenities, Samsung has the no gap wall mount, and the one connect box, vs the LG AI ThinQ, and the possibility of permanent burn in with OLED.
I have an LG OLED that I purchased in November of 2017. I use it as a computer monitor in excess of 10 hours a day. I do have my computer set to auto-hide the taskbar, but the icons on my desktop have been pretty much stationary. The pixel refresher built in to the LG TV set does a very good job of protecting the screen from image retention and burn in. The earliest OLED's had a greater chance of burn in than they do today. Don't let the fear of burn in be the determining factor. Best of luck whatever you decide...
Do these prices include taxes and shipping?
Heads up: I told the FedEx guy that I needed to inspect the item before I would sign for it and he said, "That's against our policy. I can't give you the package until you've signed for it." I ended up signing for it and, luckily, everything was fine. But it was my understanding that MassDrop wanted us to inspect before signing... Just my 2 cents.
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I don't believe that's correct. You are signing that the package was delivered. If there's no obvious damage to the box then they likely won't let you open without signing it. You're better off contacting the shipping company about their policy but to my knowledge they don't have to let you open before signing.
Yeah it doesn't work that way with FedEx and UPS. You are signing that you received the package. They aren't responsible or required to allow inspection. That only applies to a white glove delivery service or other type of local shipper.
Just received my TV today. Box had a few holes in it. Going to check out how the TV is and what condition. But aren't you supposed to receive a email from the manufacturer after delivery ? Haven't received mine yet. When will that come?
So Massdrop actually shipped it to me early. My ship date says the 13th but just got a FedEx email saying it will be here on the 7th. Of course, I'm out of town on the 6th-10th, so that's why it's early...
The data on OLED burn in is too scary at these prices. I’m skipping this. I wanted an OLED bad but this is flawed tech unless you are prepared to baby the tv.
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Watch that down the road burn in isn't going to be the main issue but the BLUE pixels of OLED burning out way before the other colors takes center stage. Time will tell.
Always going to be certain percentage that are fine. Plasma has a panel lottery too. I had a 60inch Panasonic with terrible IR and a 50inch KURO that showed signs of mild burn in. My friend and his parents who had two plasma sets didn't have any issue. Many don't want to be part of that potential issue group.
Hi Everyone, Does anyone have/know the spec difference between the A9 and A7 processors? Only heard that the newer A9 support more playback options, improvements and so so.
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this is simply not true. As indicated by numerous review sources the differences between the b8 and c8 are negligible if any. The c8 has a slightly brighter screen and may be able to handle motion and upscaling in a slightly better manner then the b8. I am personally on the fence as between the 2. But statements like “much sharper” are not accurate based on my understanding and research.
Late, but... I found this(choose wisely): "So the A7 isn’t really a 2017 processor - 2017 processor was the M16, and has been redesigned and has become the A7. It is a regular tv processor, fitted to LGs SuperUHD range too. The A9 is a new OLED dedicated processor, with 4 step noise reduction (2 step in A7, HFR support, image identification and blur stabilisation. A9 is fitted to everything C8 and above, and the B8 (Currys exclusive), and the B8s (John Lewis et al from September) gets the A7. At current prices with cashback on the C8 now making the 55 2200 and 65 2500, the C8 is definitely the better buy." Source
For $400 more?
That’s expensive
I had a 55” B8 and I can tell it’s the best 4k HDR TV for gaming. The input lag is around 20ms. I move to another city now and I’m looking for buying one. The cheapest I can find online is around $1499. This is a very good deal!
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OLED will burn in, you just need to be careful with it.
Based on Rtings recent updates about OLED, it will burn it, but wered talking about static images, for extremely lengthy amounts of time. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
fyi, you can get the C8 65" for $2k on Newegg right now. Alternatively, I got my 65" E8 from Greentoe for $2300 (sold from an LG authorized dealer -- Buydig). I don't know what the current price is for the B8 on Greentoe, but give it a shot However, regarding the authorized dealer thing, there is NOTHING in the actual warranty/TOS that says anything about warranty service requiring you buy from an "authorized dealer". My 65" E8 is stunning. Finally prices were low enough that I decided it was worth it to upgrade from a Panasonic 65" Viera plasma
I have seen 2099 on Newegg for the c8. Where is 2000? my Best Buy has the b8 for 1999 in store even though advertised price is 2399.
Yes Best Buy has the B8 65” for $1999
Can anyone confirm that this comes with a full LG warranty? It says so below but Massdrop is not an authorized dealer of LG. This is important to me. Thanks.
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Thanks. I trust Massdrop. Now do I pull the trigger at 1899 or wait 3 more months?....
  • Yes, it comes with full LG’s 1-year limited warranty

Is it wall mountable?
  • yes it is wall mountable
  • Wall Mount: VESA 300 x 200

1899 for 65? Is this the time to jump? Been watching these for a year. Can I expect lower prices in the 65?
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Been watching this for a year or so, too. Saw the price and immediately grabbed my credit card. So friggen stokled!
Could wait for refurbished 2018 models...if there’s any burn-in issues still, i am staying away
if i get this will it be delivered by super bowl time?
Est. ship date is Feb. 12
55" is currently a bit cheaper than amazon, However, IDK what the shipping cost is. As for the 65", That is one hell of a deal, $600 cheaper. Get the 65"! https://smile.amazon.com/LG-inches-Smart-OLED-OLED55B8PUA/dp/B07DRRYS1W/ref=sr_1_9?s=tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1546788540&sr=1-9
Amazon shows $1500 for 55" and $2300 for 65". Is $200 savings on 55" enough to justify risk with MD? Is there same warranty?
I have been considering joining the drop but have really wanted to get the LG C8 instead. I've watched the B8 be dropped several times while the C8 is nowhere to be found on Massdrop. Am I wrong to wait for the C8? I was looking at a 65" but feel like I'll have to wait until 2019 models drop for me to find a good sale on the 2018's
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The only thing the processor will do is help it handle HFR and HDR at the same time. The old processor can do both but only one at a time. But there is no 4K over 60hz anyway so I don’t think it really matters now. But if the C8 is only a couple hundred more I would go with the C8 , which is what I did. But side by side the picture is pretty much identical for now.
Currently looking at 2099 versus 1899. Of course I promised my wife under 2k so going to the c8 ....
Do not buy. I ordered a TV back in November and Massdrop says it shipped on 12/11, still no TV and carrier doesn't know where it is, and Massdrop hasn't been helpful getting the TV or a refund!!!!! Buy at your own risk!
Call the shipping company (USPS/FEDEX/UPS) with the tracking number......
seriously doubt this... no way a site like this is taking money and not shipping
btw the 55" is cheaper on amazon.ca for canadians right now, whereas the 65" is cheaper on MD
so this doesnt ship to canada?
Has anyone had any luck with rescheduling delivery for this? I am out of town until Friday, but they tried to deliver today, and are going to try again tomorrow. I need to reschedule!
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Call the shipping company (USPS/FEDEX/UPS) with the tracking number......
Just to update, FedEx ended up shipping my tv back to massdrop, who then said they couldnt fulfill my order, so I was refunded. Absolute pain in the ass from start to finish. I'll be purchasing my new tv elsewhere.
Just got tracking info, delivers today in a couple hours
Just got mine yesterday, box had little damage, inner box was fine. TV looks great!
Is it possible to use SquareTrade or some other protection plan / extended warranty?
Square trade does offer TV protection plans on their website as long as it has been bought new within 30 days. Might need to contact them and ask if they'll approve of mass drop as a seller since you're supposed to upload your receipt.
Will this really not ship till the 17th‽
Can this be wall mounted?
Sure Can.
  • Wall Mount: VESA 300 x 200

are this going to be shipped with fedex ?
I'm really hoping that we see this tv back again for 65" at $1800 range. I live in California and will be paying sale tax. Come on Massdrop, make a sweet deal for all of us.